Don’t just say yes, find your why


Yes is a very powerful word. It carries the promise of commitment and it’s an affirmation that you plan to do something. I have said yes lots. Most recently – Yes, I will get up everyday, super early and practice yoga. But this commitment alone doesn’t quite make it stick for me. [Read more...]



The bell is invited to sound.
Happily, she obliges.
The admonition, “Don’t forget to breathe!”
Brings a smile.

He had indeed forgotten
(Living in forgetfulness is easy),
But is a failing that demands redress,
With nothing but restoration in view.

And so the bell sounds once again,
And incense rises to the nostrils of a man
Upon whom awareness has dawned.
He won’t forget to breathe.

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Tourette Syndrome and Yoga

I hope you enjoy this guest post from Dr. Jennifer Heard who talks about her experience using yoga and diet to treat Tourette Syndrome. Thank you to you and your son for sharing your inspiring story.

yoga-freedom11 years ago my eldest son started exhibiting the first signs of Tourette Syndrome.  His grade 1 teacher told us we should medicate, when I said no she placed a note in his school record saying that we were difficult parents and refused to acknowledge the fact that our 6 year old was a problem and we refused to treat him.   The next year his teacher called him gifted and tried to expunge the note saying quite the opposite.  Now at 17 he is an honours student and an amazing big brother to his 2 younger siblings. [Read more...]

Earthrise: How Man First Saw the Earth


EarthriseBritish historian Robert Robert Poole’s book, Earthrise: How Man First Saw the Earth, is an extraordinary account of two iconic photographs that captured the imagination of the whole world.

On December 24, 1968, NASA’s Apollo 8 spacecraft sent two images to earth; one, the “Pale Blue Dot” made famous by Carl Sagan’s book by that name, and “Earthrise,” the cover picture of Poole’s book. The sight of earth rising over the moon was as majestic as it was humbling; the “pale blue dot” gave us a more accurate sense of how we fit into the cosmic order. It could no longer be assumed that earth was in any sense the center of the cosmos; these images demonstrated the fact that we occupy a very small planet in one corner of one galaxy among millions of other galaxies. [Read more...]

The Power of Journalling


I’ve talked about this before, but I can not stress enough  the power in journalling.  Whether you use a laptop, book and pen, or become completely untraditional and use art as your journal: just taking a minute to be with your thoughts is a monumental experience.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve gone through a lot of changes (all positive) but all required a shift (both mentally and physically).  I had to change my schedule,  my pattern and my thoughts: all which resulted in a bit of struggle and are slowly becoming resolved through journalling. So I thought for this week, I would share my journalling method: How I use writing things done to change my “I can’t…or it’s too much, to I can’s!!!” [Read more...]

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