Stand Up Yoga for Better Posture


Growing up, did you ever hear, “sit up straight, don’t slouch!” This is something I say to my kids frequently. They are little computer addicts and probably spend far too many hours there!

My posture isn’t horrible but I do sit in weird positions. As I type this, I have one foot tucked under me, the other on my chair with my knee against my desk and I am kind of curled up under a scarf (it is freezing…) I rarely sit “normally” and actually prefer the floor to chairs – this does not fly at work! [Read more...]

Breathing In, I know I Am Alive


Today, everything is possible, because you are still breathing. You woke up, you’re alive; those two things in themselves should fill you with an almost ridiculous amount of optimism and joy.

“Breathing in, I know I am alive.
Breathing out, I smile to my life.”

You’re connected to the entire universe: the iron in your blood, the electrons that cause your thoughts, and all the chemicals that comprise your body were once inside a star that exploded. It’s literally true that stars died so that you could live. [Read more...]

A Short Yoga Sequence to Improve Posture

Slouched over your computer all day long …? Yoga can help overcome some of the detrimental effects that modern life has on our on posture.

Yoga nurtures good posture by lengthening the spine, creating awareness of postural alignment, strengthening the back muscles and fostering the natural curves of the spine.

Have a look at the sequence below designed to foster good posture. Give it a try – it takes less than 10 minutes to do!

Practicing Patience (or Are we there yet mom?)

patience2There are three situations that really test my patience – Walmart, meetings and long drives with my two boys.

Patience is “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.”

Yoga has definitely made me more patient. This isn’t to say that I don’t get annoyed by long-winded meeting talk. Or grit my teeth when from the back seat I hear “Are we there yet …?” for the 20th time.

But I have improved over the years. So what is it that has changed? [Read more...]

Sleeping Lord Vishnu Pose (not as restful as it looks!)

This past week,  Jill (check out her site here!) and I were emailing back and forth about this posture, also called – “Pose Dedicated to Lord Vishnu.”  It is not one that I have practiced very much. So I decided to play around and give it a try.  Not as easy as it looks … a few rather ungraceful endings to my pose :)

Have a look at the video below to see how it’s done.

[Read more...]