Balancing Acts

tree-fallingBalance is something we are fond of talking about in yoga. We are always seeking balance both in our postures and in our busy lives.

These past few days have been a bit of a blur for me. Nothing bad, just really busy. Life stuff – moving my mom, painting her place, figuring out back to school for the kids, going back to work after a bit of time off, groceries and laundry and dishes, oh my …! [Read more...]

My Personal Ten Commandments


1. As a sentient being with the mixed blessing of self-awareness, you are part of the natural order; your life is inextricably linked to the web of nature. Let your actions reflect your awareness of this fact.

2. Whenever possible, relieve suffering and bring joy. Your own pain and happiness are linked to those of every other sentient being.

3. Do not be silent in the face of violence, hatred, bullying and the many kinds of ignorance that cause harm. Speak out, intervene, instruct and assist. [Read more...]

Be Kind to Yourself – Opening your Heart

Supported Fish Pose

Supported Fish Pose

Are you compassionate with yourself? It is not always easy. We tend to be even harder on ourselves than we are with other people.

I took karate for many years but then stopped because of a knee injury. It ended up being a break of about 10 years. Last year I decided to get back into martial arts.

I was not the same person that I was  back then! Physically I didn’t have the same strength or stamina. But the hardest thing was the mental game. I used to feel like the dojo was my second home. I knew everyone, was comfortable in my body and I knew the moves. [Read more...]

Bring on Kindness and Compassion

DadRecently I reconnected with a childhood friend on Facebook. He had been a member of my dad’s Scout troop. I remember my dad talking about him very fondly.

My friend shared with me that my dad had a huge impact on his life and that it was from him that he learned what real dads were like. It turns out that his own dad was not a very nice guy at all, something that I didn’t realize at the time. [Read more...]

De Profundis


Yesterday I saw one of those horrifying videos of an American cop savagely beating up a woman, and another casually spraying Mace into the eyes of a terrified little girl. My inner rage-beast was instantly hooked; I inwardly snarled, “Of COURSE it’s a white cop beating up on black women and children.”

Then I caught myself. The fascist impulse, of course, has nothing to do with race, nationality or religion. 20th century fascism was not exclusively German, Italian or Japanese (although it was in those countries that it took hold most firmly). The impulse is part of the shadow side of humanity, the side that’s comfortable with the concept of Homo homini lupus (“Man is wolf to man”). It’s every bit as universal as the altruistic impulse and the instinct to protect the innocent. [Read more...]