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Charlotte Bradley
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My name is Charlotte Bradley. I love yoga! I practice it regularly and share my ideas about yoga here.

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  • For the Love of Lats: TLC for your Back Muscles

    The latissimus dorsi (also known as “lats”) is a super important back muscle. You use it every time you pull something towards you. Recently I’ve come to recognize how little attention and love I give to this muscle. I train in karate. One of the requirements to move up in rank is to do 3…

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  • How Yoga and Exercise Can Be a Crucial Component in Addiction Treatment Plans

    When you imagine rehab for addiction, you probably envision a secluded hospital-style community center where people meet for group therapy. But addiction recovery can also take the form of exercise. While individual and group therapy sessions are an important part of the recovery process, exercise has been proven to benefit those recovering from addiction as…

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  • In Odd Places: Another Grief Observed

    It strikes you in odd places, And at unexpected times. Engulfs you like a tidal wave As heartache’s redefined. And it’s bound to knock you over, And it’s sure to grind you down. It strikes you in odd places, Makes you feel you’re gonna drown. So take shelter where you find it; Seek refuge while…

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