A Few New Yoga Resources

I cracked open this months Chatelaine and was excited to see a new article on “Virtual Yoga.” I’ve noted that I’m a huge fan of online yoga resources, mostly because I am someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy yoga in studios as I get a little claustrophobic when surrounded by too many other people. But when it comes to online, there’s a whole lot of crazy out there so you have to be careful that the resources you use are both applicable and vetted by professionals. And we’re lucky that the folks at Chatelaine do their research.

Chatelaine lists three websites that I’ve decided to check out myself.

1. YogaGlo.com

Chatelaine claims that this site is best for those new to yoga although this isn’t to say that there aren’t options for the more experienced yogi. It’s a pretty great deal at $18 a month (considering the price of a monthly studio membership!) but they also offer a fifteen-day free trial, so you can see if the site is for you. I really like the way this site is designed as it’s very user friendly. You can find videos by yoga style, level, time length and teacher. Very user friendly. I’m all about the user friendly.

2. YogaToda.com

Chatelaine¬†describes this site as best for those already more familiar with yoga. A bit of a better deal at $7 a month, users get access to tons of videos online and a great spot for asking questions about your yoga practice. There is a free class every week and if money is an issue, you can sign up for the free membership, which allows you access to the free weekly video and newsletter. This site also has a pay-per-class option, which is nice for those who travel occasionally and want to take their practice with them. Personally, I like the setup of YogaGlo.com a bit better, simply because it’s easier to follow and select the class that best works for you.

3. TaraStiles.com

This site is for those who want a unique approach to yoga, but I must admit to not being a huge fan. There are free podcasts, which are great (and full of some awesome music if you check out the playlist), but I find this site focuses more on getting in shape physically and a little less on all the mental and wellness benefits associated. I also tend to not like sites that focus on one person’s practice in particular. Also, (gasp) I found some spelling errors, which immediately reduces the professionalism of the site for me.

That’s all for this week. Happy yoga-ing!


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