Go with the flow: Acknowledging your Sacral Chakra

Have you ever tried to control your emotions? I know I have. According to Emily Butler, an Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona, our Western-European based North American culture tends to selectively suppress our emotions. These emotions that we tend to suppress are our negative emotions. It is this selective suppression that can have a negative impact on developing positive healthy relationships and our physical health.

Our Internal Scripts

In addition to suppressing our negative emotions, our culture tends to relate things in terms of acceptance or rejection. Think of some of the internal thoughts that you have around your job, relationship and personal interests.

If you are like the majority of North Americans your thoughts may sound like this: Does my boss like me? Instead of do I believe that I’m doing a good job? Does my partner feel that I’m attractive? Instead of do I think that I’m attractive? The challenge with these thought processes is that we are placing the control of our happiness onto someone else.

Svadhishthana: The Water Chakra

So how do we change this culturally ingrained pattern? This is where working on our Second Chakra: Svadhishthana-The Sacral Chakra will help. This Chakra is located in our pelvis area and is directly connected to our emotions, creativity, sexuality and pleasure in general. It is the area of our unconscious, intuitive desires.

According to Alan Finger and Katrina Repka, coauthors of Chakra Yoga, our second Chakra is associated with the element of water.

Water has extreme power: without it we could not live. Not only does water provide us with hydration and internal energy, we can also harness the power of water for such things as electricity.

However, we also need to respect water. No matter how much influence we try to place on the direction of water: we cannot control it. It has its natural ebb and flow. The same occurs if we try to fully control our Sacral Chakra: our desires and emotions.

We need to learn to let this energy naturally flow through our bodies into our world. Positive sacral energy allows you to make changes to your life that will focus on positive life energy. When this Chakra is open you are able to recognize your emotions and desires and express them freely.

Developing this Powerful Chakra:

Our root chakra and our sacral chakra work together. When we are focusing on developing our sacral chakra, it is important to incorporate the grounding principles of our root chakra. It is always helpful to begin and end with a reflective meditation. This meditation can be very simple with the intention being becoming aware of your current emotional state. Be aware of this emotion, acknowledge it and use that energy to work with your sacral chakra.

The following are some yoga movements that will help you balance the Second Chakra:

Enjoy the experience of becoming aware of your powerful sacral energy. May this week bring you creativity, sensuality and help connect you to your emotions, needs and desires.

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