Aeroponic gardening in our schools


I wanted to share my friend Becky’s story. She has recently become an urban gardener and was able to bring her passion to life at her son’s school. What better way to learn than to grow your own food!

I remember planting a salsa garden with my son a few years ago when we moved from our condo to a place with a yard. He was so into it. He loved the whole process from preparing the pots and soil to making and canning the salsa.

Becky introduced her tower gardens to the university where I work. How cool is that?! Those are her gardens at Carleton university in the photo above.

I used to grow tomatoes and herbs hydroponically but it has been many years. Becky has inspired me to take a second look. Enjoy her story!


Mom, wife, full time worker- that about summed up my life. I was bored and knew that there was so much more that I was meant to do or to get done.

Who knew this new journey would create such a spark in me that its given my spirit a new jump start!!  I fell in love with the aeroponic Tower Garden by Juice Plus the moment I saw it!  To know that you can grow in your home whole, organic, non GMO food all year round made sense to me right away. I became a distributor and Juice Plus became my business on the side.

I have been working at Carleton University for 8 years in Dining Services as an Operations Manager.   I was super excited when they bought 3 of the towers as a pilot project and its been my Tower Garden training since October 2015.  During this awesome journey I have learned so much and its made me more aware of how important and educational these towers can be.

Not only can they provide food to a family of four but they can be a great teaching tool in our classrooms.  Right away I went to my six year old sons principle about implementing a Tower Garden in her school.  Like most schools there is very little money or funding for such projects.  We planned a meeting and sat down and looked at all of the possible grants that we could apply for.  In the end we chose the Whole Kid Foundation grant.  We applied for the grant in November, 2015 and we just found out on February 16, 2016 that we got our grant accepted!  One school down, 500 more to

All joking aside I am extremely passionate about getting Tower Gardens into our schools.   Its time that we take a stand and get back to healthier eating and teaching our kids about the power of whole food nutrition, not to mention the great science behind it as well.

On a side note they are great for residential homes, decks, rooftops or balconies.

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