Ajna: Awakening your Intuition

Do you ever get those moments when you just know something is going to happen? Call it a gut feeling, women’s intuition or a minor psychic ability ( I wish) but there are times in my life where I just feel like something is going to happen. During these moments, I find that I cannot ignore my feelings and have to act on them. Whether it’s taking a different route home, calling to check up on someone, or simply knowing the answer before a question is asked.

And then there are the other times, where no matter how much I try to tune into my gut feeling…I can’t find it. My head is whirring with different thoughts and ideas, I have lots of action plans for each option, but I can’t feel which is the right one. So what is happening? Well according to the chakra theory, this intuitive ability is directly related to my sixth chakra: Anja.

Anja: The Sixth Chakra

The Sanskrit meaning for the sixth Chakra: Ajna is beyond wisdom. This chakra has often been defined as the third eye, the ability to look inward and intuitively know the right options and choices. Located between our eyes and connected with our pituitary gland, this chakras is our command centre.

It acts like a conductor keeping the other chakras in line and ensuring that they all function harmoniously together. By becoming in tune with your sixth chakra, you will be connecting with your intuitive self.

Unlike the previous five chakras, ajna is not thought of in terms of being balanced. It is unique from the other chakras, as its’ openness is dependent on whether the other 5 chakras are balanced. If the other chakras are in balance, than ajna, can be open and you will see enhanced benefits in creativity, imagination, and intuition. When the other chakras are out of balance, ajna will remain closed.

Benefits of Opening the Sixth Chakra:

  • Improved intuition
  • enhanced ability to meditate
  • Inspiration
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Clarity of Thought
  • High Potential to increase the overall value of our lives

Yoga Movements to Enhance the Sixth Chakra

To open up ajna, you are seeking to balance the other 5 chakras. Therefore a lot of the poses to open up ajna are based on the balancing principles. Prior to working on ajna, be aware of your body and the other 5 chakras. Do you feel if any of the other chakras are out of balance? If there is a specific one that is not in tune, incorporate movements and thoughts to balance that chakra as well as working on opening ajna.

By opening ajna, you will begin to feel more relaxed and in tune with your mind, body and the world around you. Opening this chakra takes time, focus and self-awareness: as you need to be able to evaluate what other chakras may be out of tune.

Take the time to be self-reflective, do a mini daily check up to see what chakras are out of a balance, and work on rebalancing them. Enjoy working on this chakra, as it will help develop your intuition, imagination and inspire you to reach your dreams.

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