Are you into yoga for two?

Hello all! It’s good to be back to! I took a month off in order to take a summer course for my masters degree in writing, so life has been manic and hectic, only to be soothed by the power of my pen and the occasional yoga class.

It seems that in the soothing, warm days of Vancouver’s summer, I’m finding couples on every street corner. They are holding hands, staring at each other with passionate eyes and wandering the city oblivious to the rest of the population. Vancouver, as you know, is also a hot spot for yoga and some would argue the birthplace of the practice in North America. So inevitably, I started researching yoga for couples; how it is practiced, why it is beneficial and where you can find it.

These days, studios seem to be offering yoga for everyone from couples to dogs and children to couples. There is something for everyone at the proverbial Buddha buffet! But in particular, yoga for partners seems to be spreading at a massive rate. The benefits of yoga with your partner are much the same as regular yoga; calmness, deeper understanding on oneself and ones mate, enhanced communication and the added potential bonus of an improved sex life, according to an article in Women’s Health Magazine. This excellent article from Natural News gives scientific proof to their point that in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men and women found their sex lives greatly improved when practicing yoga, listing five main reasons including increased flexibility and a new acceptance of one’s body. One could only come to the conclusion that this kind of improvement can only get better when shared with your partner.

On YouTube, I found endless videos of couple poses that can only be achieved when working with a partner. In fact, while walking in Kitsilano park that other day, I saw a couple’s yoga class taking place on the grass in the middle of the afternoon. No fancy gear, no mats. Just a bunch of couple’s and their love for each other and yoga. While some may feel nervous about getting that up close and personal with their partner in public, many online resources can get you started in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, studios across Canada are offering couple’s classes almost as often as their regular classes. The options are endless.

So, if you often spread out your yoga mat solo, then carry on! Enjoy yourself. But next time, consider bringing your partner along with you for a deepened experience that can only be shared together. And for those of you without a plus one, men and women alike flock to yoga classes every day…you never know who you might meet during your next downward dog.


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