Balance from Yoga- Already?

Well, have you been keeping up with your yoga practice? I’ve been doing a pretty good job this week. I missed a morning yesterday and was surprised to find my entire day was out of whack.

One of the reasons I wanted to start doing yoga was the balance people say it brings to your life. Now I’m all about balance. If ever there was a woman who needed some balance, you’re talking to her right here. In fact, I started writing for a living online a couple of years ago after I fell down 17 stairs, broke my ankle and couldn’t work for three months. Balance and I have needed to get acquainted for years!

I certainly had no expectations of seeing any type of effect from my morning yoga habit yet, especially in the form of balance. While my physical balance (or lack thereof) could grace an entire blog post topic of its own, today we’re going to talk about mental and emotional balance.

Like so many writers, I work from home. I have two daughters ages 27 and 17. We share a duplex- my oldest lives downstairs with her family and my teen and I occupy the upstairs of the house. The arrangement works out great for all of us. One of the perks is I can baby-sit for my three grandchildren when Mom’s in a pinch.

Yesterday was one of those days. School was cancelled due to extreme cold temperatures and I was recruited to keep an eye on the kids. At 6:00 in the morning. I was out of coffee. I also had a very full client list for the day. This did not bode well for the day. Yoga didn’t happen.

Now here’s the crazy part: It isn’t that yesterday was filled with chaos and children. That was to be expected, given the events of the day. It’s that TODAY was completely out of balance- until I took the time to pull out my mat and begin some basic yoga postures.

One of my favorites is the Mountain Pose, which is a firm planting of oneself, described in detail by Charlotte here….

I then move into the beginning of the Sun Salutation, which is actually a series of 12 different poses. (I get through the first two and then it’s time to bend at the waist and grab your ankles. Right. Remember what I said about me and balance? Maybe next week!)

What I like so much about the Mountain Pose, though, is the way it pulls my body into alignment and lifts me into standing tall. The physical effect of lengthening my spine and gently stretching toward the sky is great. I feel my back unwind and flex, letting loose and allowing me to move more freely.

The mental and emotional effect of Mountain Pose is even more liberating for me. The physical act of standing my tallest kicks in a message to myself that I can stand tall in all aspects of my life. My career, my parenting, my role as a grandmother, my relationship with myself- regardless of false starts, missteps and shortcomings, I can stand tall because every bit of my life has made me who I am today. That kind of balance is life-changing.

I like that. How about you?

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