Chronic Afflictions, Effective Coping Strategies

I’m struggling today with a chronic affliction that’s connected to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It’s not at all unusual for anxiety, depression and OCD to present as a monolith. My friend the psychotherapist explained the phenomenon to me recently; this is my synopsis: What typically happens is that the person experiences a trauma, or lives or […]

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Scheduling Around Bipolar Disorder: How To Stay Focused

Bipolar disorder affects nearly six million Americans, yet many people don’t understand exactly what it is or how it can take a toll on the body and mind. The disorder works differently depending on the person, of course; for some, manic, highly active times are accompanied by feelings of elation and accomplishment but can lead

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The End of Suffering

I think Siddhartha (AKA The Buddha) was most ingenious in identifying the main sources of human suffering; namely, craving, aversion and delusion. Given the random nature of the cosmos, strong attachments to things, points of view, and predictable outcomes are all but guaranteed to cause bitter disappointment eventually. Similarly, strong aversion toward things we view

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Five Intentions – A New Take on The Five Precepts of the Buddhist

Respect for Living Beings I know that other beings suffer as I do. I intend to relieve their afflictions and to increase their happiness as best I can. I will refrain from harming or killing other living beings. I know that a great many animals are exploited and harmed by humans; preventing and relieving such

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Upon the Quaking Earth 

The pious overlords who try to legislate what’s true Will never comprehend the like of men like me and you. Nor women, fiercely logical, with firm, determined eyes, Nor children, strong and confident, accepting no more lies, Whose lives they know are forfeit in this world we leave behind. That seismic shift, the reckoning of a great, unpunished crime. But dance upon the quaking earth with fearlessness and grace. And recommit to earth, your own true nature re­embrace. Lucid, free and solid, in the present moment dwell. One mindful step upon the earth, your ticket out of hell. Image courtesy of

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