Bringing Your Yoga Practice Home

For some, yoga only exists in a classroom; it happens the same time every week, usually with the same people. And either by choice or by excuse, many people do not bring yoga into their homes, but home practice can drastically improve your classroom experience and outlook on life.

You likely already have the mat, the block, the strap, and the nifty yoga outfit, so what is really stopping you from throwing in a couple Downward Dogs on your home turf? Many practitioners claim they do not have the time or the space for yoga at home. However, the teachings of yoga about patience, mindfulness and peacefulness should always have a place in our lives at home. They are often needed more there than anywhere.

Here are a few keys for a successful home practice:

  • Identify quiet times in your home (early mornings and late evenings are great).
  • Identify a yoga space in your home (firmer flooring is better for your joints).
  • Make your equipment easily accessible (including cds and a music player).
  • Aim for a routine and stick to it as much as you can.
  • Invest in at least one reference material (book/dvd) in case you get stuck.

A home practice session does not have to last an hour, or even a half-hour. As long as you mentally commit to whatever yoga pose or sequence you engage, you will gain valuable insight into your body and mind’s abilities and be welcoming peace and happiness into your everyday schedule.

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