Food for Thought, Part One

Proto-Ethics as an Evolutionary Adaptation I’m fascinated by how belief systems and ethical cultures form and change, and have written elsewhere ( about the rudimentary forms of ethics observable in other primate species. These practices (which I identify as “proto-ethical”) hinge on mutual respect, fair play and reciprocity. The same is true in human relations.

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Juice Nation

I’m not sure if it’s the warm summer season or a heightened awareness of the impact of food, but recently I’ve noticed a huge shift in the amount of my friends and colleagues either juicing or converting to a raw diet.   So being ever curious, I decided to explore this phenomena a bit further? What

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Glorious Ginger

Glorious  Ginger The other day I was seeking something healthy and so I went to my local juice bar and ordered an apple, carrot and ginger blend.  It was divine.  The ginger completely warmed my body.  Inspired,  I went to my local grocery store and bought some ginger root and beginning researching the power behind

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