Food for Thought, Part One

Proto-Ethics as an Evolutionary Adaptation I’m fascinated by how belief systems and ethical cultures form and change, and have written elsewhere ( about the rudimentary forms of ethics observable in other primate species. These practices (which I identify as “proto-ethical”) hinge on mutual respect, fair play and reciprocity. The same is true in human relations.

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For the Love of Kale

As the cold weather lingers, I’m always looking for some yummy food that will both ramp up my immune system while nourishing my need for warmth and comfort.  What a joy it was when I came across fabulous Kale.Kale has been around for nearly 2000 years, with stories of this vegetable adorning tables throughout Western Europe and Scotland.

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Juice Nation

I’m not sure if it’s the warm summer season or a heightened awareness of the impact of food, but recently I’ve noticed a huge shift in the amount of my friends and colleagues either juicing or converting to a raw diet.   So being ever curious, I decided to explore this phenomena a bit further? What

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Glorious Ginger

Glorious  Ginger The other day I was seeking something healthy and so I went to my local juice bar and ordered an apple, carrot and ginger blend.  It was divine.  The ginger completely warmed my body.  Inspired,  I went to my local grocery store and bought some ginger root and beginning researching the power behind

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