The Time Machine

Music is a time machine. Isn’t it amazing that we all tend to develop our own independent tastes in music at more or less the same age? There’s a strong consensus among psychologists and neurologists that, around age 14, we tend to reach out beyond the musical tastes we’ve inherited from our family of origin […]

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The bell is invited to sound. Happily, she obliges. The admonition, “Don’t forget to breathe!” Brings a smile. He had indeed forgotten (Living in forgetfulness is easy), But is a failing that demands redress, With nothing but restoration in view. And so the bell sounds once again, And incense rises to the nostrils of a

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The Great Technological Freak-Out … and How to Transcend It

This is a post especially for all my fellow fifty-somethings out there. I recently began writing for a new client more than two decades my junior. She’s been around computers from birth; she’s never known a time when digital technology was not evolving and diversifying at an exponential rate of speed. As a result, she

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Two Relics

Autumn’s Essence Sit beside a flowing stream, Breathe deep the scented air. Acknowledge those who’ve come before, And those who’ll yet appear. The leaves are changing, falling now, So beautiful in death. And I, like them, shall fall to earth To give new life its breath. The air is chilled and autumn’s essence Carries on

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