Yoga Clothing – What Should I Wear?

Practising yoga brings harmony between your body and mind. Preparation of your body before starting a class should maximize your opportunity for positive results. In order to do this, you want to have clothing that feels comfortable and allows you move without thinking about what you are wearing.

Form-fitting clothes are best for yoga. While you may feel comfortable wearing an over-sized T-shirt at home, this will expose far more of you than you might want when you are head-down or leaning over your knees. Yoga clothing should be soft and flexible. It needs to move with you. Good yoga clothing should stay where it is supposed to without needing to be adjusted whether you are stretching, bending or twisting. Learning to complete the poses well requires a functionality of movement in your body as well as your clothes. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to experience the full freedom of movement. For better, more accurate postures, your yoga gear should let you see a clear vision of your feet and provide you with the visual opportunity to adjust the alignment of your body. Yoga is practised barefoot, so you don’t have to worry about shoes.

Look for clothing merchants that supply clothes for yoga made from organically-grown fiber and use sustainable energy sources.

Factors to consider when you dress for yoga:

  • Flexibility is important. You want to be able to move freely. Yoga clothes should feel like a second skin
  • For dynamic styles of yoga, choose close-fitting attire that will not ride up (or fall down!) during various poses. The Gentle yoga may allow for a loose fit of clothes if you prefer this.
  • Make sure you feel at ease in what you are wearing. You do not need to be tugging self-consciously mid-practice!
  • Layer. Wear a longer sleeve t-shirt or hoodie that can be removed once your muscles are warm and then replaced during the relaxation and meditation at the end of a practice when your muscles cool down.
  • For women, a sports bra or tank with built in bra can provide needed support.
  • The material should feel good against your skin.
  • Fun. Feel good in what you wear; love what you are doing!
  • Confidence. Like in anything in life, if you feel confident, you are more likely to continue and you will express that confidence in your practice
  • Pants: Yoga pants come in different lengths from ankle to Capri. Avoid bulky ties at the waist which may be uncomfortable when you are in a prone position. One of our favourite styles is the roll down waist that can be worn stylishly low or slightly higher for comfort and support.

  • Shorts: A good choice for bikram or hot styles of yoga.
  • Tops: Should allow you to move but be snug enough that they are not falling over your face in inverted poses! Tank tops and fitted tees are good choices.
  • Shoes/Feet: Yoga is usually practiced barefoot to ensure that you are sturdy in your stance and to allow you to connect to your foundation. However, there are flexible-soled shoes made specifically for yoga if you need them. Also toe sox, separate toes to provide movement without slipping. Yoga sandals are not designed for use during the practice but have the added benefit of separating the toes to help with daily balance and flexibility.

Amazon carries yoga clothing, one popular brand worth having a look at is Beyond Yoga.

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  1. This will help me a lot. I’ve been looking for the right clothes for my yoga class. I’ve been encouraged by my friends to enroll on a yoga class near my house. I told them that I’m so stressed by my daily habits. They advice me to go with them on their yoga class, but unfortunately I don’t know what to wear. But thanks to this post I know now to buy for my yoga class.

  2. Charlotte Bradley

    Katrina – Go for whatever you feel comfortable in and don’t have to think about too much – keeps you free to focus on your yoga. Enjoy!

  3. This is great. My baby girls started their gym classes at the Gymnastic Training Center last week where they actually have yoga classes for adults. I would have enrolled on their yoga class if I knew at that time what I should wear. Thanks a lot for the tips. I think I will enroll on the yoga class next week with perfect yoga clothing.

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