Complete Yoga

A story…

Long ago, before the birth of “intelligent man,” we lived in harmony with all of Creation. Our body’s followed the natural rhythms of the Earth, the Sun, and the Universe. Our minds were quiet; for there was only the barest glimmer of Ego living deep within. We used only what was needed; we had no concept of greed, ownership, mine…ours was a harmonious existence with the world around us. There was no need to practice Yoga in those days; we were the Yoga.

We stood tall with perfect posture as we met the morning sun. Our legs were strong, with firm foundation. Closing our eyes , we rooted ourselves immoveable as a mountain. No wind would sway us; the strength of the Earth flowed through us and kept us firm.

Inhaling, we step our feet apart and spread our arms to the side, our bodies expanding in all five directions. Growing taller, a deep breath opens our chest and energizes our whole being. We smile; rooted in the Earth, the crown of our head floating skyward.

We turn and bend to touch the ground with our hand, paying respect to the moon’s departing path. Stress quits us, and we are balanced and serene. We gaze skyward past the plane of our outstretched hand and feel our body stretching and relaxing in the early morning sun.

In preparation for our loving attention to our gardens and crops, we stretch the front of our bodies and the back. Gazing downward, we smile at Life growing green at our feet. Our bellies are energized, and we look forward to Nature’s bounty and harvest.

We turn again and bend to touch the ground with our other hand, paying respect again to the moon’s departing path. Balanced and at peace, we gaze into the azure sky and feel our connection with all things. There is no “I” here, only harmony, wholeness…togetherness.

At a ‘dog’s eye view’ of our world, we drink in the sweet smell of the Earth herself. Our minds grow calmer still; our arms and legs gain strength and length for our play ahead. For in our world, no word exists that equates to work – all is playful. Any left-over fatigue disappears, the back relaxes…woof!

We flow over our toes, and allow our head to roll upward as we stretch our stomachs. From here, the view is much different. Our backs arch in splendid relaxation as we survey the majesty of the trees. We know they are the lungs of the Earth Herself…

We flow backwards, and feel our hearts soften, and then begin to expand in loving warmth. Vibrations of pure love enter our hands and our feet; we bow to Creation and all we see around us that has been given into our care. We our stewards, not dominators…

We sit…Aum Mani Padme Hum…The Jewel at the Heart of the Lotus. We are freed from all disease and feel a surge of energy in the base of our spine awaken – speeding upwards, illuminating our entire form and radiating out through the crown of our head. We are one!

Yoga is not something we do, nor is it something that truly exists. What exists is found in the realization that we are the Yoga, Life is Yoga – Yoga is Life. Our practice is a simple exercise in letting go enough to remember who we are and why we are here. If you enjoy these Asana figures as much as I do, Charlotte (our beautiful website’s owner) has the complete package of these magnificent and peaceful drawings right here.

Namaste, my friends.

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