Connecting to the Earth: Chakra 1 routine

In the last week, my home became an extremely happy place to be in.  I really enjoyed just being there, being Present.  When my mind rambled and wandered, as it often did, I took a deep, cleansing breath.  Sometimes I needed to take more than one to bring me back to the moment.  And I learned that that was ok. This was my journey; I have years of a wandering mind to ground.

All week, I took the time to pay attention to the moment and simply be aware and present.  My children liked it even more.  Instead of me worrying about all the stuff that had to get done while playing with them, I simply played with them.  Their smiles were all the reassurance I needed to know that I was doing the right thing.

This week, I shifted my work from my thoughts to my physical body.   In order to be stable in the root chakra, the basic needs need to be met.  According to Abraham Maslow,  these initial needs are both physiological and safety.   Once again paid attention to what I was putting into my body.  Was the food I was eating giving me energy? Or zapping it away?  Did I find comfort in my home? Did I feel safe?

I didn’t want to lose this feeling of being connected to my body and the earth around me, and so I compiled a list of asana’s that helped feel this connection.  Today, I want to take the time to share the list with you.  These are the asana’s that help me feel the most grounded.  The main reason, they connect my body to the earth.  However, each person is unique and the asana’s function slightly different in each body. Be aware of this if you plan to use these asana’s to help ground the root chakra.

My Root chakra routine began and ended in Savasana.  In this pose, I paid attention to where each part of my body connected with the earth.  Before entering the relaxation portion of this pose, I purposely tensed and relaxed each part of my body. On the relaxation portion, I paid attention to where by body connected with the earth.  I felt each part of my body make contact, relaxing my body into the earth.    When my mind drifted, as it often does in this pose, I once again focused on the connection between my body and the earth.

I continued this process through each of the poses. The routine was a slower Hatha routine, not Yin but I took the time to pay attention to how each part of my body connected with the earth.

Grounding Asanas:

For each of the poses, I have posted links to walk you through the specific mechanics of the asanas.

1)    Tadasana:  In Mountain pose, I paid attention to the strength in my legs (the roots of my body) and my feet.  I purposely focused on how each toe connected with the earth.  As I took a deep breath, I focused on the strength of my entire body. The power in this simple standing pose.

2)    Warrior I.  This powerful pose a great reminder in the strength and power of our bodies.  When shifting from Tadasana into Warrior I, pay attention to your feet.  Your left foot should be between 45 to 60 degrees, and your right should be about 90.  Feel the strength in your lower body as you naturally align into Warrior I.

The power of your lower body will be noticed even more, when you reach up your arms.  Notice the strength in your core.  Breathe.

3)    Warrior II:  When you’re in Warrior II,  feel the connection to the earth.  Be aware of the strength in the front leg, while opening up your chest.  Once again, be conscious of this entire movement.

Return to Tadasana, feel the power once again in your roots, and then complete Warrior I and II on the other leg.

4)    Virasana: In Virasana we feel the connection to the earth through the front of our legs.  If you’re able to, allow your knees to touch and feel the connection between each part of your body.  Feel your buttocks connect with the floor (or if you are unable to with a cushion or bolster).  Take your time in this pose and connect with your breath.

5)    Supta Virasana:  If you’re buttocks are able to connect with the earth, try reclining in this pose into Supta Virasana.  Do not push yourself. Pay attention to the unique nature of your body.  If you are able to reach the full recline, notice how your shoulders, head and torso, connect to the earth.  Enjoy this grounding posture.  This is one of my personal favorites.

6)    Bridge Pose:  In bridge pose, feel the difference between the part of your body that connects with the earth and those that are lifted.  Notice how your shoulders, head and feet help support your body. Breathe.

7)    Savasana: For the end of this mini chakra routine, I once again returned to Savasana.

I hope you enjoy this mini routine as much as I did.   Namaste.

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