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Question of the week:

What is the craziest comment you have ever heard in a yoga class? This can be a comment made by your yoga teacher, one you made as a yoga teacher, or one a fellow yogi made in class.

Here are some I will share:

a. “I did a Forward Fold the other day in the library after I read for an hour. I just bent over, reached down, and laid my palms on the floor. It felt so good! I think the guy next to me at the other table was jealous.”

b. “I don’t have time to do Savasana.”

c. “This is an “Ow-ie Pose.”

d. “I call “Happy Baby Pose” the “OBGYN Pose.”

e. “Let out the Yuck. Let out the Gray.”

f. “Pull your center in like someone is poking your belly button with a pencil.”

Crazy, am I right? (OK, maybe not so crazy but a bit creatively off the wall, you have to admit. I’m trying’ to live on the edge here, people!) So guess what? All of these were comments made by Yours Truly, except for Comment “b.” I ALWAYS have time for Savasana!

Get jiggy with it and send us any crazy yoga class comments you have. Let’s have a laugh together. Life is too short to wear tight shoes or always take our yoga too seriously.




2 thoughts on “Kooky Yoga Comments”

  1. charlotte bradley

    Tania (@taniafrechette) commented on Twitter that out of the blue, in the middle of a yoga class, a 6-year old girl said “Teacher, I have a canker” LOL! Count on kids for funny, random thoughts …(that don’t stay in their heads)

  2. Kids’ Yoga for me, offers the most quotable of quotes! For instance, I like to do kids’ yoga sessions where I let them make up names for the poses we are doing. Needless to say, Chair Pose usually leads to many, shall we say, bathroom humor related references such as, “Constipation Pose” or “Gotta Go but Can’t Pose.”

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