Do you have a “dark passenger”?

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Okay, so between yoga classes, I’ll admit to a serious obsession with the TV show Dexter, in which Michael C. Hall plays a serial killer with a quasi-conscience, who aims his aggression at other serial killers. The reason I find this intriguing is that his affectionate term for his need to kill is his “dark passenger,” a part of himself that he has to learn to deal with and manage in everyday life.

Now, before anyone takes this post the wrong way, this title isn’t asking anyone if they have homicidal tendencies. But what I find interesting about the TV show is the juxtaposition of the brighter side of one’s personality and the darker side; the part of us that we as a society often tend to either ignore or just flat out pretend doesn’t exist. The reality is, we all have a somewhat darker side to ourselves and sure, if we were to sit and dwell on those parts, life would become pretty grim rather quickly. But I can’t help but feel like Dexter makes a good point…we have to accept all the parts that make up our whole selves. Otherwise, life will be an endless feat of acting. A fake. Exhausting.

Undoubtedly, we all have characteristics and traits that aren’t always favourable. I can be judgmental and hot-tempered and have the lowest capacity for patience known to mankind. All this, and I also hold a mean grudge, even when it comes to things that seem irrelevant to others. But I am also loving, hardworking, a great friend, and a creative soul, and all of these qualities are what spur me onwards in my family and work life. Some of these behaviours are learned, others are inherited and some are just part of my DNA. However, I am fully cognizant that without the bad parts of me, the good parts aren’t quite as special. It is the sum of myself that makes me ME!

The great thing about yoga and meditation practice is the focus on attuning into oneself, acknowledging that no one is perfect and that we could all use to better ourselves. But there is also acceptance for who we are, as a whole, and and ability to make peace with the fact that improving ourselves is a lifelong practice. It is only once we embrace our own “dark passengers” that we can ever get on the path to self-discovery.

So tell me readers! What is the part of you that could be improved upon? Better yet…what is the best part of you??!


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  1. I’ve been working on my “shadow” for a while now. I read Debbie Ford’s book, The Dark Side of the Lightchasers, and she has a lot of practical advice on the subject. Still, facing those parts of ourselves is difficult; it’s so much easier to project them onto others LOL>

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