Does your yoga world need some organization?

Google the word “yoga” and a million different sites will pop up for your perusal. In fact, it quickly becomes difficult to discern the credible from the crazy, and you could easily waste hours of your time trying to to research one small detail of your practice. As a former military logistics officer, whose job it was to be the penultimate of organized, the mass of information overwhelms and exhausts me.

So you can imagine my excitement to come across websites like Yoga Vancouver and Yoga Toronto. Want to see what classes are running and at which studios? Want to connect with other yogis? Want to find a specific teacher or read about upcoming yoga-related events? These websites let you do all of these things and answer of all these questions with a quick click of your mouse button. In a matter of 15 seconds, I was able to wade through the slew of offered classes and instead, pare them down by a variety of different categories; which class was running next, which studio is closest to me, and what type of yoga was being taught. Brilliant. Organized. Right up my alley.

These sites have some really great features to them, all of which didn’t take me long to navigate. There is a classifieds sections where users can easily access anything from yoga items to massage practitioners to wellness books. There is a whole section dedicated to yoga instructors, with information on everything from insurance to finding studio space. But perhaps my favourite part of the site was the Social Yogis link, which instantly takes you to a site that allows you to connect with other yoga lovers, watch instructional videos and participate in forums. I felt I was being given intimate insight into the daily practices of the site members, giving me new ideas for expanding and developing my own routine. Websites like these, along with, make deepening your practice that much easier, because they allow easy access to information, by collecting sources from a variety of places and delivering it to you all in one nice and tidy package.

So if, like me, you enjoy a little organization with your warrior pose, these websites are for you. With oodles of information at your fingertips, at the very least, these sites are worth checking out.


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