Don’t just say yes, find your why


Yes is a very powerful word. It carries the promise of commitment and it’s an affirmation that you plan to do something. I have said yes lots. Most recently – Yes, I will get up everyday, super early and practice yoga. But this commitment alone doesn’t quite make it stick for me.

Don’t just say yes, say yes because

I was thinking about this the other day. I am working on getting my yoga practice up to something resembling regular. I know that I should do it. I’ll feel better, stretchier, more relaxed.

I’m on a streak now (well of about 9 days…) I intend to practice yoga each day for at least 30 days. I hope the 30 days becomes 90 them 187 ….

So I wanted to consider, what has held me back before? What has made me stop? I know that yoga is good for me. I love yoga. But I think one key is that I haven’t been crystal clear about my why.

In January, I started 100 days of karate kata and I didn’t miss a day. I think that one of the things that kept me going was my heartfelt “why.” I have been out of karate for several years. My kids, who are now in karate, really want me to go back and I am really missing it. I needed a way to see what my body and brain could remember and also to build some strength. My reasons for practicing were real and emotionally charged and that sparked me to do it everyday.

So that got me thinking, why do I really want to practice yoga each day?

I believe that my yoga practice can help me become the best person that I can be. I know that it leaves me feeling focused and calm. I think I am a nicer person and better parent because of it. I feel grounded. I feel strong. For me it is also a spiritual practice.

Instead of simply saying yes to a daily practice, yes because is far more powerful. For me, it is yes because yoga helps me find my strength, confidence and focus. And I want to be the kind of person that moves confidently through this world and helps move it forward. Maybe just an inch or two, but forward just the same.

Does that seem like a lot to ask of a 15 minute of yoga practice? And you? What is your why for practicing yoga? I would love to hear. Just comment below!

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5 thoughts on “Don’t just say yes, find your why”

  1. Charlotte Bradley

    lol!! “even my melt downs have a calmness, serenity, about them!”
    That is just awesome. And an interesting point – yoga doesn’t make the meltdowns disappear but you are right, it does change their quality and effect.

    Thank you for sharing Paula 🙂

  2. I tell my family I have a “Lisa B. Recipe for Happiness”. It simply includes yoga (even if it’s only 20 minutes), fresh air (with bare feet – even better), and only nourishing food (keeping in mind dark chocolate nourishes the soul:). If I miss any ingredient the day just doesn’t feel right and still there are days when I miss an ingredient! Here is to today’s recipe coming out just right. Thank you all for the motivation!

  3. Charlotte Bradley

    Lisa I love that!! I am on board with everything you mentioned – yoga, barefeet (yes!), delicious and healthy food and dark chocolate (add almonds and I am in heaven!!). A daily dose of bliss 🙂

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