Ease Your Fear of Change with Yoga

Starting something new at any age can be intimidating. While some people thrive on challenges many of us view change as a frightening experience, even when we know it will be good for us. Sometimes a little fear challenges our motivation; the adrenaline it produces gets us going. At other times, fear can get the better of us; it wins that internal argument and we hide behind the protective wall of our regular routine even when it is unhealthy.

How Do You Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle?

Increasing our physical fitness is one of those changes many of us must make a conscious effort to establish. Usually, it is the lack of physical fitness, an injury, a health risk or the strong advice of a health care professional that initiates the need for change of lifestyle. When we are confronted with the ultimatum to make a change or face the deteriorating mobility of our body, ducking healthy choices becomes unavoidable. The question remains, how do you embrace a lifestyle you have previously ignored?

Conquering Embarrassment

Finding the motivation to encourage ourselves to lose weight, exercise, and change our eating habits can be extremely disturbing. Visualizing how that lifestyle change will occur and the methods we will use to make it happen are not easy to produce especially when it is a state that is unfamiliar to us. Even worse, we may be embarrassed to let other people know we allowed ourselves to get into this extreme state of physical unfitness. Our shyness decreases the odds that the advice of our health care professional will be followed. Our shame defeats the internal argument that supports making healthy changes.

One of the best ways to combat the fear of any change, especially when it is diet- and exercise- related is to start slowly. Working toward a larger goal gradually increases our confidence as we begin to see some positive results from the baby steps we have taken. Taking smaller steps helps to create a mental picture of what the results will look like. Visualizing ourselves in a healthier place is half the battle of getting there.

Begin a Gentle Transition with Yoga

Yoga is a great place to start a physical fitness journey. Stretching muscles that haven’t been used to any great lengths for longer that we wish to admit, is a friendly way of letting our bodies know that we are about to ask a little more of it. Stretching in an environment where you feel safe, secure and not pressured into pushing yourself, is a good step toward building confidence. Allowing yourself to feel a sense of accomplishment builds a foundation for an acceptable level of fitness in your future.

Yoga Increases Flexibility Gradually

A common misperception about Yoga is that you need to be flexible in order to take a Yoga class. Yoga increases flexibility; it is an outcome of the exercise and not a prerequisite. Flexibility can be achieved with regular stretching and relaxing exercises; it is a goal to work toward and an outcome from which results can be seen over a period of time. With a little patience, some perseverance and the expectation that you can change, you can increase your flexibility.

Find Your Comfort Zone

Yoga teaches you to de-stress and relax with yourself, accept your present limitations and work with them. Yoga helps you to respect your body and treat it with gentleness. Listen to your body; find your comfort zone and make it the place you take your first step of your fitness journey.

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