Elongation Poses (Yoga Stick Figures)

Here is my collection of yoga stick figures where the main focus is on elongation of the spine. Although all yoga postures are elogation postures, the emphasis in these poses is to bring the spine into maximum vertical alignment and create space between vertabrae.

Please feel free to use these drawings to help guide your home practice or to create a yoga class. I will continue to add more drawings as I create them so you may want to bookmark this page or subscribe to my rss feed.

Benefits of Elongation Poses

  • Build strength and flexibility in muscles, ligaments and connective tissue around the spine and rib cage.
  • Strengthen abdominals.
  • Create space between vertabrae.
  • Help to improve posture (posture meaning integrity and structural alignment of the spine not yoga posture/pose).
  • Improve circulation and respiration.

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