Embracing New Opportunities: 3 step process: Believe, Create, Inspire

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Recently my world has opened up to a realm of wonderful opportunities. I have added four new magazines to my writing portfolio, one as a food editor, and have been offered to teach additional yoga classes. I can finally confidently say that I am a writer. As energizing all of this new work has been, there have been moments where I’ve felt overwhelmed. The big d: in my world it’s doubt sneaks in and I wonder can I do it all. And so to tackle both my own anxieties and to put some freshness in my yoga classes, I have developed a family of asanas that work together to reinforce the “I can do” philosophy into my life. The workshop is separated into three twenty minute yoga sessions: 1) Believe in yourself 2) Awaken your Creative Self and 3) Be your own Inspiration. The asanas can be done as separate mini classes are merged together for an incredibly powerful practice. This week, I will be focusing on the first but perhaps the most important part of this workshop: Believing in Yourself.

Elena Brower wrote this wonderful article in yoga journal, talking about the power of believing in yourself. In this piece, she takes us on her own personal journey and simply tells us how by believing in yourself, you can begin to trust that the world is working in the way that it is meant to. As part of this process, she includes a guided meditation, which I found was a lovely addition to my belief workshop.

Beginning to Believe: Trusting the Power Within You

1) To begin this process, sit in easy pose or lotus position

2) Breathe deeply. Put your hand on your belly and feel your breathe fill your entire body. Try inhaling for 10 seconds and exhaling for 10 seconds. Deep breathing is a natural relaxation tool while providing oxygenating energy to the brain.

3) Believing in yourself Meditation . Elena Brower’s is an excellent example.

4) Tadasana: Mountain Pose.

Embrace the strength in your legs, reach your arms up and slightly glance upward. Shout out your own belief mantra. The louder it is the more powerful it is. The intent is to put your beliefs out into the universe. Make them exist. And yes, children also love to do this as I sang out “I am a writer, I am a loving mother, ….” My children chimed in “Danika sang I am a dancer and pop star while James yelled I ride rocket ships.”

5) Sun Salutation A

6) Challenge yourself with a yoga pose: Make it personal (this part of the practice should change fairly regularly)

When we challenge our minds and body, we are telling ourselves that we can do it.  That we believe in ourselves. Take this moment, to work on any asanas that you find personally challenging. Practice these poses. Take the time and pay attention to each step of the pose. As we continue to practice the asanas that are challenging for us, our body adjusts and what was once challenging has become simpler. Our bodies create a memory of what we did yesterday. Embrace this. Embrace the power of your body and mind.

This is the first portion of the practice. You are welcome to continue into a traditional hatha practice, embracing the power in your body. The Warrior Series is a wonderful addition. Next week, I will put a twist on this practice (literally), by adding in the creative portion of the workshop.

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