Embracing Summer


Embrace the Power of Summer:

As August has begun, I wanted to take a moment to wonder and embrace the beauty of summer. Summer for me has always been the year’s version of a giant hug. It is Mother Nature’s way of thanking everyone for all of their hard work and perseverance in the more challenging seasons.   Summer is the season where I feel a lot of our  senses are at their peak.

Historically, summer was the season of work and celebration. After a long, hard day working in the fields, families would gather together to sing, dance and celebrate the gifts of this season. Today, that healthy sun is still the primary source of energy, light and warmth.

As the last few weeks of summer are upon us, I find myself wanting to get outside and take advantage of this energizing season. I love allowing the warmth of the sun to caress my body, sharing with my children the fact that this is the season where the sun gives us a giant kiss. Take the time to go for a casual walk and absorb all of the beautiful sights and smells that surround you. Be inspired by Mother Nature’s bounty and spend some time embracing your own creativity.   Take the time to write, sing, paint or dance. Summer is the season where inspiration, passion and creativity are at their peak.

The longer days of summer are naturally energizing: increasing the amount of vitamin D and oxygen in your body. Listen to your body’s needs and respond to them. You may notice that you need less sleep during this season: waking up earlier energized and staying up later. Summer helps everything reach its optimal beauty. It is the time for growth both literally (as in nature) and spiritually.

Summer is all about barbeques, patios and bonfires. The warm weather encourages us to go outside and meet our neighbors. This is the best season to reconnect and socialize with our friends. The sweet perfumes of fruit and flowers fill the air encouraging us to slow down and absorb the beauty that surrounds us.  You may notice that in this season, your conversations tend to be more fluid and the connections just seem more natural. This is because summer encourages us to slow down, to listen and to share.

If summer were a sound,  for me it would be laughter. If it were a feeling, it would be love. This is time where romance flourish, passions are heightened and compassion is at its peak. Summer romances are often cherished as the most romantic relationships of all. This is because during this season, there is a sense of freedom, energy and inspiration that no other season could possibly match.

Summer reminds us the importance of connecting and embracing our true selves and enjoying life.   During these months, you may find yourself taking the time to absorb everything around you. Take advantage of this heightened awareness and use it to connect with yourself and others.

Be inspired during this energizing, loving season. Take the time to appreciate it and notice the beauty of life. Strive to become the optimistic, loving individual that this incredible season inspires.



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