Emphasis on the “Third Dimension of Being”

LotusSirshree is the founder of the Tej Gyan Foundation and a prolific author in the mind-body-spirit genre. Widely acknowledged as a leading contemporary spiritual teacher, he has written many popular books, including Secret of Happiness and Complete Meditation.

Sirshree’s new book, The Source, will no doubt do much to perpetuate his reputation. As in all of Sirshree’s work, the principles expounded in The Source are purely spiritual, yet intensely practical and applicable to all aspects of contemporary daily life. One of these principles is that there are three key aspects to a human being’s life – that of doing, feeling, and thinking. Most of us, Sirshree writes, are primarily interested in what we are doing at any given time, and how we are feeling about it. Yet it is the third dimension: that of “thinking” that is actually the most important.

Many philosophers, religious leaders, and spiritual teachers have said much the same thing throughout the ages. Since the time of Aristotle, emotion and its relationship to thought have been thoroughly explored by serious thinkers. Since human beings share emotion with other animals–but are apparently distinguished from them by our power of reason–is emotion to be devalued? Hardly. Emotion is something without which the human species cannot do. It may be more primitive than thought (our neocortex, the part of our brain that makes us distinctly human–is a relative newcomer in our evolution), but it is in no sense devalued in The Source. Where would we be without our rich emotional lives: our joy at the birth of a child, our sense of transcendence as we gaze at a beautiful landscape, unexpected tears at the sound of particularly stirring music? The author seems to be merely observing that, as caught up as we are in our daily actions and the continual barrage of emotions we feel, we tend to give the thought dimension short shrift. It is this dimension, balanced with activity and emotion, that can enable us to evolve spiritually and reach true self-realization.

The Source, already available in English, is slated to appear in eleven languages. Sirshree’s system of “Thought Yoga” with its “seven rules and seven tools to create an ideal life” will probably be helpful to many readers as they seek a life of balance, health and holistic spirituality.

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