Energizing and Creative Ideas for Kids’ Yoga

Yesterday Matthew wrote a post about the benefits of Ashtanga yoga for kids. I can definitely understand how the energy and physical requirements of an Ashtanga practice would appeal to children. I know for my little guys, who are 6 now, there has to be a fair bit of action to keep their attention. They’ll often throw their own “kung-fu” or “natural disaster” spin on a pose. It’s not just Mountain, it’s Exploding Volcano!

I came across this video on YouTube and thought it gave some good examples in another style, of what yoga for kids might look like. This is based in the Kundalini style of yoga and involves lots of movement, vinyasa, repetition and fun – which I think are all key elements for a successful kids’ yoga practice.

Have a look at the video with instructor Sarah Kline of Yoga Today for some great ideas to try with your own little guys. (Check out the action from Downward to Upward Facing Dog – not sure that I could keep up!)


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