Engaging Authentically with the World

peacePromoting peace is very much a matter of being fully at peace with ourselves. If a war is raging inside us, we will be useless in the cause of bringing any measure of concord to the world around us. We must, in Thich Nhat Hahn’s words, make a “peace treaty with ourselves” as a starting point; then we will be able to radiate peace, love, and understanding to our entire sphere of influence.

Meditation is useful, not as an escape from the world, but as a means of engaging more authentically with it. When we sit quietly, breathe deeply, and look into the nature of things, our perspective becomes deeper and wider; if we do it long enough, it will eventually encompass all sentient beings and the earth itself. Then environmental responsibility, peaceful interactions with other people, and kindness to all living things will become second nature.

For those yoga practitioners who have not yet included meditation in your practice, I can’t recommend it highly enough! There are so many styles and schools of meditation to choose from, one or a combination of two or more styles are likely to fit your temperament and personal style. It will deepen your spiritual practice and help you to interact more peacefully and lovingly with the world!

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