Every Day Yoga: Part I


Yoga “Stuff Happens”

You may often hear yoga teachers expanding on the idea of “living out your yoga both on and off the mat.” Let’s just say that I am pretty much in love with the concept. When someone asks me to sum up why I do yoga, this would be one of my top reasons. I love to study yoga, do yoga, breath yoga, share yoga, and teach yoga. I do my best to live yoga.

Here is a real life example to illustrate how I do this and perhaps, you can, too:

Breath of Fire

This breath is effective in times of culinary stress. It especially is helpful when anything burns unexpectedly such as flammable oil that leaps out of the frying pan and ignites on top of your stove, or when the smoke alarm goes off.  Usually, this happens simultaneously so you get to apply your breath work a LOT.

I used Breath of Fire during Thanksgiving this year for my newly revised recipe which I am calling, “Unintentional Flaming Sweet Potato Casserole.”

Imagine nicely arranged rows of marshmallows on top of a lovingly prepared dish of sweet potatoes. Now see them flaming in the oven, with the rack placed dangerously close to the oven’s roof which is also now on fire. Time for the pranayama or to call the fire department. (Just go with what you are feeling which in my case was sheer panic so I went with the breath first.)

Breathing in, I remained calm. Breathing out with great force, I removed the casserole from the oven and tried to blow out the fire with my breath. (Think Baked Alaska without the Alaska.)  My whole family joined in, so it was a very interactive part of our yogic breathing practice.

Breathing in, I nicely asked in my best sing-songy “Mrs. Cleaver” Mom voice, “Could someone please open the back door?”  Breathing out, I quickly scraped the marshmallows over the side of the deck. Breathing in, I watched the dog proceed to run out in the yard to eat them. Breathing out, I returned to the dining room and placed the casserole on the buffet. Breathing in, I smiled as my family stared at me in disbelief and with shocked amazement.

Breathing out, I announced calmly, “Well, then, let’s eat!”

I see yoga everywhere! If you do, too, share a comment on how or where you see your yoga or use your yoga in every day life. It can be serious or funny.

Next week, I will offer more Every Day Yoga examples. Get your blow torches and fire extinguishers ready! You need not fear; your yoga is always here.

Photo courtesy of Ema Gremard

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