Every Day Yoga: Part II


Yoga “Stuff Happens”

As promised, here is a Part II of Every Day Life Yoga Poses. Perhaps you can try this sequence for a “home for the holidays” yoga routine. Blessings to you and yours!

Chair Pose/Ski Boot Pose: A great pose to do in the ski resort bathroom before hitting the slopes. With ski boots on, go into a deep squat with arms reaching forward to grasp the underside of the bathroom stall door. The beauty of Ski Boot Pose is that you effortlessly can maintain the authenticity of the pose for a long period of time while not having to touch a dirty toilet seat.

Sphinx Pose/P.J. Party Pose: Lie on your stomach, legs out straight behind you. Place your weight on your forearms, palms facing out. Lift the head and shoulders. Do this in your pajamas in a circle of friends facing each other while you play a good game of Truth or Dare. Gossip. Talk. Eat unhealthy snacks. Hold this pose until about 3:00 am or until your Mother storms into the room and makes you all go to sleep.

Balancing Half Moon/Lost Sock Pose: Take time to look behind your dryer which should be pressed inconveniently against the wall. Lift your leg to the side with your back against the wall. Slide your whole body in between the dryer and the wall while keeping the leg lifted. Lower your arm down to the floor to retrieve the missing sock which you realize is not even owned by any member of your family. Resist the urge to fill your mind with negative chatter such as, “How on earth did that get here? Is it Josh’s sock from my son’s sleepover last week? Hey! It’s a padded Nike running sock. I wish I had nice socks like that…” Inhale the neglected dust balls deeply into the lungs. Exhale as you pick up the sock and hinge back up to a standing position. Relax. Repeat on the other side, this time doing the pose behind the washing machine. Take a moment to imagine the beautiful possibility that the other missing sock awaits you there.

Happy Baby Pose/OBGYN Pose: ‘Nuf said.

Savasana/Reclining Walk-in Closet Pose: Lock yourself in your walk-in closet as your various family members scream just outside of the closet door. Release the desire to solve all of their problems and tend to their demanding, immediate needs. Close your eyes. Lie down on the floor and cover yourself with dirty laundry and shoes. Breathe your best Sighing Breath as you hear the noise around you begin to fade. Breathe out deeply with a long, audible sigh that can only be heard by you. It is the miraculous sigh of relief, disappointment, sadness, disbelief, humor, anger and gratitude, all incorporated into one. Ignore the irate toddler kicking incessantly on the door. Give yourself the freedom to chant your own Om: “Ommm so done with all of you for right now… Ommm needing this peaceful place, dang it! So leave me alone…” Feel your peace. Or just take a good nap. You probably need one.


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