Garbha Pindasana – Womb or Embryo Pose

I had no plans to move off topic today, until I happened to overhear one of the men who live in the same rooming house I occupy talking with his son. I should explain a bit here first – I chose after the experiences of my forty day retreat from the world to dedicate my life to helping others on their level, bringing Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation and a willingness to listen to people who rarely are given the opportunity to be heard by someone living on their level.

An Oasis

In order to accomplish this, I moved to a smaller community with difficult substance abuse and prostitution issues. The rooming house I share with nine other men has become an oasis of sorts over the last few months. Located right dead center on the street frequented by prostitutes both too young and yet old at the same time; our rooming house was a heavily trafficked location when I first moved in. Over time, a few of the men here participate in Yoga, look forward to and attend meditation sessions and most have come to speak to me about one problem or another in their lives. I can’t say it has been easy, money is a steady concern, but at the same time everything has a way of working out. I survive, as the people often thought of as the dregs of our society do…day by day.

The father, who shall remain nameless, truly has a kind and gentle heart clouded by addiction and a desire for material wealth supported by selling any drug available. We have talked often, but his health has been failing for some time and he has become a man waiting to die, bitter, refusing treatment, and living on the edge wherever possible. The father’s twenty-seven year old son has suffered s few costly mistakes already, yet attends my yoga class infrequently and has told me often that he wants to learn his lessons.

Blown away

I entered into hearing range just in time to hear the son say to the father he wished he had enough money for a good car. The father’s response nearly knocked me off my feet when I heard him tell his child if he can pimp out five good looking girls he can by a new Cadillac for cash in only three months. Needless to say, I’m going to approach the both of them on the subject as soon as the opportunity arises….

I also hear the comments in response to the endless stream of crack addicted prostitutes by some of the residents when we are sitting out talking on the front deck, as well as the property owner as well I’m afraid, and I am heartbroken. It takes willpower and compassion to see through the pain most of these men are in and find the light within them, but at the same time it made me realize something much more profound: Western society has lost the memory of the importance, value and need for the feminine aspect to be integrated equally in the very hearts of men if true equality is to exist.

Womb or Embryo pose

In honour of my own mother who passed away many years ago, the women who walk the street here who are daughters and quite often mothers themselves, mothers and daughters everywhere, and the wonderful owner of this website who is a mother herself and a daughter – I added an Ashtanga asana to my routine today and set my intention on contemplating the blessings of the feminine side on physical, mental and spiritual levels. Garbha Pindasana (womb embryo pose) is a wonderful posture that can help accelerate the spiritual union between one’s mind and soul, slim and shape the abdomen, improve digestion and repair stomach illnesses.

Garbha Pindasana is a fairly difficult pose for me personally, as I have had some past trouble with one knee flexing enough to sit comfortably in lotus position, so please judge for yourself whether you are ready to experience this posture before trying it yourself and take advantage of the variations offered here when necessary:


Exhale slowly… Place the legs in full lotus position, and slide your arms in until the back of the elbows rest inside the thighs. Place your hands on your face, covering your cheeks, or do half lotus and place your arms around the legs, or do the lightest variant of this pose and hold your legs with your hands.

Inhale… Sit up on the edge of your sit bones. Look forward and maintain this position for five comfortable breaths. Exhale… Roll back and forth clockwise seven to ten times with deep breathing.

Inhale… Roll up and lift up your body with your hands, resuming whichever of the three variants you are comfortable with and maintain for another five long, comfortable breaths. Exhale, release and straighten the legs.

In my meditations while performing this pose and the rest of my usual evening routine, I considered that as a man, allowing my feminine side to express itself has led to creativity, a deeper connectedness with my own emotional states, and a greater sense of compassion for others when I consider the power of a mother’s bond to her children. I realize that without my mother, I would have never been given the gift of being born into this world.

Peace to you…and Namaste

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