Get off that Hamster Wheel and Relax

Get off the Hamster Wheel and Relax

Balance your way to Relaxation and Happiness:

There is very little our body’s need to reach its maximum potential.  In order to function at our optimal potential: we need the right foods, and a balance between rest, work and play.  So why is it so difficult to achieve this goal?

Sometimes I feel like a little hamster spinning in a cage?  You know what I mean, that cute little wheel that goes round and round and ends up in the same place.  There are so many things that I feel that I should be doing.   This is pretty typical of North American Society.  We are all fighting to be Wonder Women and Wonder Men: achieving more, making more money, spending more time with the family and relaxing more.   Just thinking about it is exhausting.

Stress in small doses is actually a good thing. It can motivate, increase creativity and literally get our bodies and minds moving.  However; in large doses, stress can be extremely debilitating.   This high doses of stress seems to occur when we keep pushing ourselves to do more.

Summer is probably the worst season for over achieving.  The beautiful sun inspires us to get out and socialize, have more fun, work more and exercise more.  Most of the times, this work’s for our benefit.  However; there are times where all this excess activity can back fire.

This summer, I am going to try to find a bit more balance in my life.  Instead of always pushing to be more productive, I am going to take the time to relax and enjoy the moment.   This is my new summer plan for doing a bit less:

Pranayama breathing

Stress and Yoga

Yoga can be the perfect form of exercise for reducing stress.  However, yoga practioners beware. If you’re study is continually focusing on pushing your mind and body, you could be increasing stress.

If you’re trying to reduce the stress in your life, focus on the forms of yoga whose main intent is rest and relaxation.   Choose classes that spend a lot of time in resting poses and focus on Pranayama breathing. Focusing on restful forms of yoga, will help you get in touch with the needs of your mind and body.  In times of stress, try to combine a variety of the quieter forms of yoga such as Yoga Nidra, Kundalini, Hatha and Restorative.

Take an Inventory

Spend a half an hour and evaluate all of the things that you feel that you should be doing.  Make a list.  Now take the list and highlight the things that you have to do. These are the items that if you do not complete them you will directly affect the wellness of your family.  Be brutal. Only highlight the necessary items.   Some obvious items that you may include would be work, cleaning and maintaining your yard.

Now what else is on your list?  Which items on this list do you really want to do?  These items should once again be ones that will increase the health and/or happiness of your home.    Limit the amount of items on this list.  The key is you want to pick items that you want to achieve.  If you choose too many, you will become overwhelmed and will no longer enjoy this list.

Once your list is complete, get a calendar and schedule in time to complete the items in your list.   Allow yourself plenty of time to get the job done.  If you think it will take two hours, schedule four.

Focus on Balance 

Now that you’ve created a list, be cautious about adding any additional items to it.  In order to achieve happiness and peace, you need to learn how to say no.  Only accept the items that you increase your overall well being.

Use the summer months to rest, recuperate and feel rejuvenated.  The key to a healthier and happier life is creating a balanced life style. Enjoy it.

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