Get in the holiday spirit with Half Moon Yoga Products

Can everyone feel the holiday spirit? Yes, I’ll agree with all of you that sometimes it becomes difficult when stores have been rolling out Santa-covered goodies since early November, and before you know it, one more Christmas carol has you on the brink of a murderous rage. So if you feel like shopping for your favourite yogi from the comfort of your living room, then feel free! I introduce you to Half Moon Yoga Products.

I’ll admit that I don’t own any of their clothing (although writing this post has led me to lusting after the ‘Beyond Basic Sweatshirt’…I’ll have to add it to my Christmas list), but I have long been a fan of their yoga props, including mats, carrying cases, bolsters and cushions. What I love about the company is that they create a variety of colours and fabrics, with an endless supply of various shapes and sizes, because let’s face it, we’re all shaped just a little bit differently.

Half Moon carries a large number of bolsters, which are great for those of us with injuries and illnesses, who need to adapt certain moves until they fit us. The bolster will serve as a mode by which to make those adjustments easier, and Half Moon takes that even further by making a great variety of shapes and sizes. Many of the bolsters also double as mediation cushions, although they also have a large variety of meditation cushions and benches.

I’ve started to use one of the thinner cushions when certain poses require me to kneel on my right knee, which is impossible with the meager cushioning of my yoga mat. All these small additions to my practice make me a little more confident in being able to do poses that were once too difficult, if not impossible, for me to complete.

They also sell a yoga sling, something that I used for the first time in my last yoga class. They sling is attached to something in the wall and allows you to delve more deeply into stretches, all while having your back, and various other parts, supported by the sling. And there’s nothing better than products that protect us from injury.

So when the holiday spirit starts getting on your nerves, kick back in the living room with a glass of wine, crack open the computer and order from Half Moon. At the very least, find something for yourself! You’ve earned it!


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