Getting Reconnected to my Emotions

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Go with the flow. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  When life feels a bit too rigid, this is when the second chakra needs to be worked on.   At first glance, its easy to believe that the first and second chakra are working against each other.  The first chakra is about grounding, feeling stable and connected, while the second is about change and flow.  However, the opposite is true.  The first chakra provides the strong roots, the stability to allow the second chakra to flow freely.

After working on the first chakra for almost a month, I decided it was time to reach out and connect with my emotional center.

Having a strong stable base, feeling grounded and connected, prepares your body and mind for change.  When you are connected to the earth, it is easier to feel the emotions, love, connect with another.  The first chakra is about the one and in the second we expand to the two (connecting with another).

Judith Andoea, author, Wheel of Life, relates the natural merging  between the first two chakras as the Yin and Yang, the masculine and the feminine, earth and water.

The second chakra is about connecting with your emotional centre:  Do you feel nurtured, loved, connected?

Does your  second chakra need balancing? 

  • Do you feel connected to your emotions?
  • Do you honor your emotions and give them value? Or do you dismiss them?
  • When connecting with others, is there a balance of needs? A give and take? Or do you try to exercise too much power and control?
  • Do you give up all your power? Do you feel that your feelings don’t have any value?
  • Have you had a decrease in your sexual desire?
  • Do you struggle with creative expression?
  • Do you allow change to naturally happen? Are you able to go with the flow?
  • Are you able to see another perspective?

Personally, I love the mantra “Go with the flow”, but struggle with actually doing it.  It felt like I was letting go of too much in order to allow this to happen.  However, what I’m learning is by letting go of control and just enjoying the moments for what they are, I actually accomplish more.

In the theme of the second chakra, I engaged in a heart to heart with my husband.  Really connecting and just letting our emotions speak.  Not judging.  Ok, I will be honest, it took a few moments to not judge.  It’s really hard to share emotions with a partner and for the other to not feel defensive.  But after a bit of work,  and a few tears (on my part, I’ve been extremely emotional now that I’ve been working on the second chakra), we shared and ended the conversation with laughter,  My second chakra has definitely been on ignore for a while. I’m really looking forward to the ongoing work with this chakra.  As a part of this chakra I’m going to be doing the following:

Chakra 2 Work:

  • Journaling: Just sitting down with an old fashioned pen and paper and connecting with myself.
  • Active Connections: Making Eye Contact and Just Listening.  (Daily Conversations with my husband and two children)
  • Active Sharing: Being Honest and up front with my emotions to myself.  And when I’m ready, sharing this with others. Sharing both the positive and negative emotions and honoring them.
  • Connecting to the Second Chakra through the Asanas and Meditation
  • Movements that Involve Hips: Using a Hula Hoop, Belly Dancing
  • Get reconnected with water: bathe, drink a large glass, focus on the beauty, energy and strength that water infuses you with.

Asanas for  Svadhisthana

There are several beautiful poses that focus on opening up your hips and your pelvis.  However, one my personal favorites, is this sequence posted on Yoga Journal.





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