My Guilty Pleasure


I invite you to join in it!

I guess everybody has a guilty pleasure. Mine happens to be long showers: long and cool in the summer; long and hot when the weather turns cold. I love the feeling of water cascading over me; it washes away stress, anxiety, even depression. In fact, I’d definitely call long, refreshing showers a powerful natural antidepressant!

Trouble is, I’m all too cognizant of the fact that I’m being an energy hog when I stay in the shower too long. How to make that right?

Well, my office is in my home, which means I use considerably less gas than most people. I also conserve on heat and air conditioning– we keep our thermostat around 67 degrees in winter and 78 in the summer. We  also have energy-saving windows throughout the house, meaning that we’re drawing on a lot less power than we might.

All of this to justify the fact that I sometimes spend a full 20 minutes under cascading showers of warm, refreshing water.  (Justifications rock!)

If I had my way, we’d be heating our water with solar and wind power, we’d be driving electric cars, and our entire economy would be based on renewable energy sources. Since the denizens of dead dinosaurs are holding on so tightly for a last hurrah before fossil fuels go the way of whale oil and the telegraph, I’ll just have to continue finding ways to conserve.

Except in the shower. There’s a reason I call it my guilty pleasure!

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