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It has been a long time since we’ve had the opportunity to share, and I am happy to be back!  I wish to thank Charlotte first and foremost – her kind words and encouragement to return to writing for this wonderful website of hers has given me strength.  I also wish to thank you, the reader, for your open minds, comments, and opportunity to share with you.  Going forward, these articles will not always be book reviews – my hope is to broaden horizons, and I will value your input.

When last we spoke, I was heading out on a thirty day retreat in a cave in order to reconnect myself to the Divine presence in all of us, still my mind, and restore inner balance in harmony with all Creation.  Throughout the following weeks I will speak about specific experiences during the forty days I ended up on retreat, but for now I would like to talk to you about one realization in particular, as well as a wonderful book for you to read where my own words fail.

In Giving

When giving, we should strive to give naturally and freely, without thought as to return or recognition.  In reality, when we offer up a gift of time, money, food, etc… freely and from our hearts, we are engaging in communion with the divine presence within the other person.  This state of consciousness is realized in anyone who has truly found their own inner divine presence.  In this moment, we truly understand that we are one with all people, animals, our world – and ultimately all Creation.  This truth is found it all religions, but for sake of space…

1Theirs was the fullness of heaven and earth; the more that they gave to others, they more they had.

Chinese Scripture

Let one conquer the mean man by a gift.  Charity is rich in returns; charity is the greatest wealth, for though it scatters, it brings no repentance.

Hindu Scripture

It is more blessed to give than receive…Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom.

The Bible

1Excerpted from The Infinite Way by Joel S. Goldsmith ISBN-13: 978-0875163093.  This book is not one that will do renting from the library, I’m afraid.  There is so much simple wisdom in this book that it is worth owning and re-reading over and over.

Divine Within

In realizing this within ourselves far beyond thought (although thought is a good beginning) we see our connectedness with all life…forgive me if I wax poetic!

Waves on divine water of life’s Infinite Ocean.
Always seeking outward what they already are.
The Yoga or Yoke; worn by all.

Our path of Yoga, leads there too.
In centering ourselves, quieting the mind.
The Yoke is lifted, you’ll surely find.

I realize the Divine within myself,
And therefore everyone else too
Go within; see your Self – only this will do.


In any form of Yoga, our practice leads to stillness within; a balance and harmony of higher conscious states which once fully realized become forever a part of our awareness.  Yoga shows us that we are not at the mercy of our body, but through practice and focus the body not only responds, but works with us towards achieving this peace.

I think we can agree that Mind over Matter is an accepted axiom in today’s society, but we often forget the real equation looks more like this:  Spirit over mind AND matter.  Ours is nothing more than a journey within ourselves, one day to finally make the realization we already are what we seek.  Yoga does not take us on a journey external to us, but uses silent techniques that are designed to speak to us without words, beyond thought.  Balance, fitness, flexibility – these are not goals in Yoga, they are by-products of the effects of calming the mind and learning to become aware of our true being.

The Infinite Way

The Infinite Way by Joel S. Goldsmith is not a book on Yoga, but a book meant to awaken the reader to the spiritual truths common to all major religions and philosophies.  In this way, it is directly applicable to not only our Yoga practice but also our daily lives and interactions with those around us.  Joel Goldsmith’s chapter entitled “Wisdoms of the Infinite Way” contains page after page of truths to meditate on and bring into any practice, no matter what your beliefs.

I would love to hear your comments and challenge each of you to try a little experiment…Just for a morning, or perhaps an afternoon – all day if possible:  No matter what you choose to call the Divine, try to keep awareness in all your dealings with others that they too are part of the same truth echoed in “The kingdom of God is within you.”

Peace to you all, my fellow waves on the ocean…each our own, yet part of the Infinite Whole.

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