Help Us Out, Won’t You?


I’ve written before that what the world needs rather desperately isn’t more successful people, more powerful people, or more wealthy people. What the world needs — what humanity and the other beings with which we share a biosphere all need — are more genuinely happy people. If you’re reading this, I’ll assume that you agree with my premise, and move on to the “how-to” of the task at hand.

There are countless sources of deep, abiding happiness in your field of view at this very moment. If you have functioning eyes, all manner of forms, colors, and designs both natural and man made are available to you. Yes, whatever afflictions you have are still there, but spare some attention for the gorgeous sights around you right now. It will take away some of the fixation you have with all those ongoing, below-the-surface irritants (everyone has them, you know!).

Your ears still work to some degree– cool! A natural soundtrack plays the moment you step outdoors. Birds in enraptured song, the distant breathing of the highway, raindrops on the young, green leaves of trees. You are able to enjoy the tactile aspects of the world: to hold an abandoned bird’s nest in your hand, to pet a cat, to shake hands with a friend.

The sources of happiness go on and on. There is music, love, meaningful work, friendship and art. There are dizzying heights to be scaled through dedicated spiritual practice.

In short, you can help the entire world, simply by nurturing awareness of the countless conditions for happiness surrounding you. I hope you’ll help us all out — and yourself in the bargain!

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