How to do the Yoga Poses that Frustrate You

Road Block
Is there a pose that when the teacher announces it, you groan inwardly?

There are definitely some poses I would rather not do. Camel is one and I’ve written about that before. But there is a whole set of poses that I really struggle with – anything that is heavily core focused. Boat pose?! Argh!

I have a theory that the poses you hate are the ones that you really need.  I don’t like boat pose because my abs are not strong so I’m not very good at it and it’s hard. I avoid it. But it is (admittedly) a posture that would really benefit me.

For you, it may not be camel or core postures but there is probably something else. Here are a few thoughts on getting past the angst and doing the pose.

1. Don’t worry about being perfect. It’s a practice. It many not look like the pose in Yoga Journal but it is still benefitting you.

2. Try a different variation. For example, with boat, instead of going to the full pose with legs up straight, bend your legs slightly hold on to the back of your thighs for added support.

3. Reward yourself. Follow-up with a pose that you love. Do you have a favourite posture? Save that until after the one that is challenging you.

4. Commit to practicing the pose for a set amount of time. For example, for one week only, do the pose everyday. It may grow on you.

5. Screw it. If the thought of boat pose makes you want to run away from your yoga mat then forget it. There’s power in choosing not to. You can always revisit it another day.

Each day for the next 7 days I’m going to do 3 sets of boat pose.  Any pose you would like to take on this week? How will you get past the road blocks and do it anyway?

Photo courtesy of mindfrieze

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