How yoga can start your day off right


When I get into the rhythm of it, a morning yoga practice works nicely for me. It’s not that I am really a morning person but I tend to be up early with my kids, work and the normal morning routine. (My guys are approaching teenage-hood so it’s starting to shift somewhat on the weekends as they discover the joys of sleeping in…)

I have found there are several advantages to a morning practice:

  • You are more likely get it in!
  • You give your body systems, muscles and energy a kickstart
  • You start the day on a positive note and on your terms
  • It encourages health for the rest of the day
  • It’s a wonderful way to get grounded and focused

Today I’d like to share a story from a fellow yogini I met a few weeks ago. I was shopping for a pashmina and came across Karma Cashmere, run by Prajeena and her husband Dave. I ended up with a beautiful purple cashmere scarf and met two wonderful people who intend to make a positive impact on the world.

Below Prajeena shares her story of why she practices yoga and what it brings into her life.


How Yoga Helps Start My Day

I don’t always feel like I’m grounded. At the end of a busy day in office or a long airport layover, we can sometimes feel as if we’re out of balance. We may know we need to slow down, to breathe, but we press on regardless.

When I began practicing yoga a few years ago, it was more out of curiosity than desire. I wanted to explore how yoga could help me focus my energy, calm down and start my day with intention.

What I discovered was yoga not only made me feel more connected to my environment, but the practice has positively extended into all areas of my personal and professional life.

Live the Question

As my toes touch the mat and I take that first deep breathe with a reach toward the sky, I am not thinking of the day ahead or the weekend behind. I am focused just on myself in the moment.

In a quiet space I can ask myself questions without interruption: How can I make a meaningful contribution to those around me? What can I do to take better care of my health? What do I need to set myself up for success?

Whether I’m managing the luxury cashmere business I started with my husband three years ago, involved in charitable activities in my home country of Nepal, or supporting close friends and family in dealing with life’s challenges, I’m free to live out the answers to these questions each day.

Over the years I’ve come to embrace my morning yoga routine as an opportunity to start my day off in the right direction and with the right mindset.

Prajeena Karmacharya is the co-founder of Karma Cashmere, an online boutique offering luxury accessories handwoven from the world’s premium cashmere.

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Do you like to start your day off with yoga? Any thoughts, tips or favourite practices? Just share in the comments below! Over the next little while I intend to work at getting back into a regular morning practice. I’ll share some ideas (and likely a few struggles) with you as I go.



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  1. Hi I am 53 I have a 14 year old teenager and 11 year old girl twins. I have been trying to get into yoga ever since I found out I was pregnant with Tristan. I recently went to some classes and was enjoying them. I really enjoyed the yin classes but we went away for 8 weeks and I am not motivated. Kids are on their last week of school holidays. I am struggling with menopause and hot flushes waking me at night which then make me like a grizzly bear during the days. I don’t like me and the kids and my husband must think I am unbearable (still have a sense of humor grizzly bear). I was reading your “yoga can start your day”. I would like to start in the morning and do it every day and when the kids get back to school go to the classes. Just don’t know what poses to start with at home? Life is just so busy and I need this for me! I really need to get into a regular yoga routine. Please help me on how to get started. Thanks Debbie Aylett

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