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i want to believe

Embarking onto a new path, can be extremely intimidating.  There is the fear of what if? The fear of the unknown.   We are often our own worst enemy, doubting our own ability, making excuses of why something is not happening today.  However, research shows that simply by visualizing the future that we desire, we can slowly make these changes occur.  There is no better boost of confidence than when you perceive and accomplish your dream.

Setting intentions is critical but even more critical is acting on your intentions.  Do your actions mirror your belief systems? Take a moment to observe what you are doing on a regular basis. Now, what do you want to do?  Do the two match?  If not, what can you change to further align your actions to your belief system.

Sometimes, one of our biggest set backs is trying to construct our lives based on fitting into a certain idea or principle that doesn’t feel natural (or even right for ourselves). For example: one school of thought is that writers should wake up at dawn and put in a regular work day writing. But maybe this system, doesn’t work for you.  Perhaps, you write best outside, or at night, or in segments throughout the day. The important thing is that if you are a writer, you should be writing. It doesn’t matter how or when, just as long as you do it.

There is power in our individuality, our uniqueness.  The same occurs on the mat.  Each of our bodies is wonderfully different. There is beauty in this uniqueness.   When we become more confident on the mat, is when we learn to not only accept this differences but embrace them.

This week, I would like to focus on building that confidence and becoming the wonderful individual that you are.   I hope that you enjoy this last segment, as much as I do.

1) Sit in your favourite posture (bound angle is a wonderful one). Breathe.   Picture where you want to be.  See yourself as that individual.  Keep this beautiful image of you with you throughout this practice.

2) Warrior Series (I,II, III):  Feel the power in the movements of the warrior. The strength in your rooted legs.  The love in your open chest.  Breathe.  Hold each pose for 20-30 seconds.  Switch sides.

3) After our wonderful Warrior III, let’s continue the balancing pose with Vrkasana (Tree Pose).  Be present in your own body and it’s ability to sway.  It’s ok, if your body falters, trees do as well. Embrace the movement. Breathe through this posture.

4) Headstand:  If this is the first time attempting head stand, surround yourself with lots of cushions and bolsters. Be prepared to fall.  Go slowly.  Form a tripod with your arms and head.  Take a moment with your knees on the ground and enjoy the strength in your arms.  Now slowly, raise your legs onto the crooks created by your elbows.  Take one leg at a time at first, and eventually move to two.   As you become more confident, try to raise one leg up straight up into the air. And then slowly have the other join.   At first, use a wall to support your legs.  Once you grow in confidence, move slowly away from the wall.

5) Your favourite challenging posture.

6) Savasana:  In savasana, picture that future you.   Feel the energy, strength and power of this individual.  Picture this new you floating slowly above you.  As you further relax, allow the new you to float down onto the current you.    This is the true version of yourself.   Allow the current you and the future you, to become one.  Believe.



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