Intention for the Day


Today, I will bring the energy of compassion to my interactions with all living beings.

I will not fall into the trap of considering some lives more important than others.

I set as my intention for the day to seek ways to bring joy and pleasure to myself and others; I will refrain from doing harm to myself or any other sentient being.

Today, I sign a peace treaty with my own mind. I know there are many unresolved issues to be hammered out in the project of becoming fully human and completely enlightened; I also know that inner warfare solves nothing and spills over into the psyches of those around me.

I have already sat in simple mindfulness of breathing this morning, and look forward to doing it again tonight. Nothing refreshes my body/mind like meditation; I will take the positive energy it generates and share it liberally with everyone I encounter today.

I know that discovering one true fault in myself, and correcting it, is more valuable than making the most trenchant analysis of another person’s multiple moral failures.

I resolve to be aware of the power that prejudice, bias and habit energy hold over myself and others. I’ll be gentle in pointing these out, delighting more than anything in uncovering and confronting the unrecognized biases in my own mind.

I embark on this day with a sense of enlightened adventure, tempered by an understanding of the impermanence of all things. Marking well the real-time spiritual evolution of myself and other sentient beings, I will rejoice.

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