Launch into Spring

Crocuses in the snow

Launch into Spring

As the beginning of April approaches, the arrival of spring and warm weather is close.  For some of us, it has been an extremely long, extremely cold and harsh season.  And with that type of a season, our body and mind has the tendency to retain unwanted stress and pressure.

Winter is the time where our body is at rest. To prepare our body for the cool weather, most of us go into a semi hibernation mode.  We seek out more comfort foods, wear warmer clothing and revert to less vigorous exercise.  Our skin has a tendency to be dry and flaky, and lips may crack. This excessively long winter season may have created some havoc in your mind and body.

Perhaps you may be noticing that there is more tension in your back, depressed mood, lack of focus, and general decrease in energy.  I know each morning when I look at my window begging for warm weather, I feel heaviness in my shoulders when snow continues to fall from the sky. This year, the weather has been extremely trying on both our mind and bodies.

All of this tension is part of the excess residue for winter.  This has been a very long winter, although the sun may have been shining, the extremely cold temperatures may have prevented you from going outside (I know I went into the hibernation mode).   But our body and mind is now screaming, enough!!!!

And so I’m going to encourage you over the next few weeks to let it go.  Let go all that excess tension that your body is holding from this deep, cold winter.  Pay attention to your shoulders, hips and backs: typical areas that our body holds onto tension. And I’m going to encourage you to slowly work it out.  Get your body moving as if spring is already here, and I promise you in a few weeks it will arrive.    I’ve added some tips below to help you jump into spring.   We do not need the warm weather for spring to come, instead invite spring into your home.  Let’s collectively act like spring is here and I promise it will come .

Jump Start into Spring:

1)   Add some color into your life.  Fill your home with fresh spring flowers, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths were the scent and color will infuse your home with spring.

2)   Declutter. Get rid of that extra stuff that is lingering in your house from the long winter. Start in one room and work your way around.

3)   Breathe in some fresh air.  Open up the windows; allow the winter away to escape, even if it is only for a few moments.  Breathe it in.

4)   Get outside.  Take some walks and breathe in the budding spring air.  Listen closely for the birds that are eager to nest and the squirrels that are scampering through the areas.

5)   Get your body moving.  Slowly at first, with some easy stretches and then start dancing.  Sing. Let it all go.  If you need some inspiration, play the ever-popular Demi Lovato song “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen.

6)   Hydrate. Drink lots of water, tisanes and juices.  Make some healthy smoothies and energize your body from the inside out.

7)   Eat like its spring.  Fill your plate with color add in fruit, salads, and other energy infusing food.  Let go of the comfort food and let spring in.

Next week, I will be posting a full spring release yoga routine with a focus on your hips, shoulders and back to release out that tension.  I know that deep underneath that cool winter bed are new beginnings that desperately want to emerge.  Until then, I encourage you to invite spring into your home and body. The weather and sunshine will soon follow.



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