Lions and Tigers and Yoga Bears- OH MY!

There are few things I love more than seeing people who create a business for the sole purpose of helping others and doing awesome things! When those awesome things are done for cancer survivors- and include yoga- well, that just makes me giddy!

YOGABEAR is a non-profit organization that helps cancer survivors continue their journey of wellness and healing through yoga. Yoga Bear matches cancer survivors to yoga classes in their own community- free of charge! Yep- FREE! How cool is that?

Yoga Bear has been working with participating yoga studios across the country since December 2006 and are operating in nine different areas across the US. Working from the belief that yoga is a beneficial complementary cancer treatment, they have connected more than 300 cancer survivors with over 125 different yoga studios spread across the country!

Yoga is an excellent complementary therapy for cancer sufferers. Although it in no way takes the place of medical treatment, it provides tremendous benefits for people suffering from this insidious disease. Physical activity decreases your risk of relapse and increases your odds of survival. Yoga has a strong spiritual component and helps improve a survivor’s quality of life. Group classes are especially therapeutic as they add another network of support and social bonding.

Body fat and hormones have a huge effect on cancer prognosis. By exercising several times a week to decrease these two factors, a woman can decrease her chance of recurrence of breast cancer by as much as 91%! Yoga is a terrific way to increase exercise in a non-stressful, therapeutic manner and with the Yoga Bear organization, breast cancer survivors can avail themselves of this healing resource at no charge.

Cancer treatment is unbelievably expensive and survivors are usually saddled with tremendous debt. Finding the funds to add a yoga practice to their weekly schedule is enough to prohibit many survivors from getting the healing benefits yoga can give them. That’s why Yoga Bear steps in and coordinates efforts with local yoga studios across the country and provides classes at no charge. This can be life saving spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally. Yoga Bear is really an incredible organization that deserves to be recognized nationally for all they do.

If you’d like to help the great folks at Yoga Bear increase their ability to help cancer survivors access yoga classes, free of charge, you can learn more about the organization and offer a donation at Together, we can help this non-profit organization help cancer survivors benefit from a healing yoga practice as they continue their journey into wellness and health.

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