For the Love of Kale


As the cold weather lingers, I’m always looking for some yummy food that will both ramp up my immune system while nourishing my need for warmth and comfort.  What a joy it was when I came across fabulous Kale.Kale has been around for nearly 2000 years, with stories of this vegetable adorning tables throughout Western Europe and Scotland.  Although not new to the North America palate, the last five years have shown renewed vigour in this iron packed vegetable.  However; there is one individual in particular whose passion for Kale has resulted in a campaign to bring this vegetable to the plate of Paris.

Fondly termed the Kale Project , Kristen Beddard has spent the last few years reintroducing this vegetable to France.   She has brought together several Kale lovers in her campaign offering France residents motivation to join her green crusade.  Fellow Kale lover Melanie Stephens summarized her love as Kale as follows, ” Deliciously potent, sexy leaves of life enhancing versatility and culinary joy.” Now if that’s not enough to get some Kale onto your plate, here are a few health benefits of this antioxidant wonder.

All From a Simple Cup of Kale

  • Iron Powerhouse (per calorie Kale’s iron level exceeds that of beef)
  • Chock full of Cancer Fighting Antioxidants
  • High in Vitamin A,C, K,
  • Calorie per calorie, Kale has more calcium than milk.
  • Good for your eyes:  Kale has both betacarotene and carotenoids (Lutein and zeaxathin) known
  • for cataract prevention
  • High in Fibre and Low in Calories

If you’re looking for a recipe to cook Kale, the internet is exploding with them.  Some of my personal favourites are:

Zesty Kale Chips: a girl’s weekend treat.  This chips are a fun way to jam pack some vitamins

Barley, Mushroom and Kale Stew:  this was my first Kale experience.  One spoonful and I was hooked

15 more delectable recipes from Serious Eats

Of course, if you just want something simple.  Kale is perfect as a replacement to lettuce in a salad. I love adding in some walnuts and apples to mine, but really anything goes.

I hope you enjoy bringing some Kale to your table. Stay healthy and warm.


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