Maha Devi Design, Sustainable Yoga Clothes

The Maha Devi Pixie Dress

I’m always cruising the Internet for new and exciting things related to my yoga practice. And yes, I’ve certainly written about clothing in the past because, contrary to my last post on Nude Yoga, I really love yoga clothing. As I’ve mentioned, I work from home, so being comfortable is vital to me as I sit and write all day. Also, due to my injury, I can no longer wear pants that don’t have elements of stretch to them; the pressure of jean fabric against my knee is simply too much to stand. So, I basically live in yoga clothes. It’s nice to have Lycra as part of your work uniform!

So, in my eternal quest for the latest and greatest in the yoga clothing world, I’ve found a great new Vancouver-based company, Maha Devi Design, which creates great yoga clothing. Many of their products are still made in Canada, all while ensuring their items are made from sustainable sources. They use various fabrics such as organic cotton, merino wool, bamboo and hemp. There are also some amazing products for children, so you can have your very own Mini-Me, outfitted in the latest and greatest in sustainable Canadian yoga clothing.

Child’s Indigo Hoodie

Another thing I love about this company is the whimsical nature of their designs. A majority of yoga gear all looks the same. Stretchy. Bright colours. Lycra. It can get a little redundant. Maha Devi’s collection of pants, skirts, shrugs, underwear….you name it, makes me feel as though I’m part of Peter Pan’s crew, stepping back in time to embrace my childhood carefree attitude. There’s neat stitching on every piece and lots of piping options to make you stand out in the yoga crowd. That, and make you look fantastic.

The Danu Pant

My favourite products? Oddly enough, the bra and underwear that they carry. The underwear are seamless and yet stays in place; no nasty riding up effect when you stretch into various poses, or pull your legs up onto the couch. The softness of the fabric is epic and I feel great knowing that my style hasn’t damaged the environment. That and a majority of their products are still made in Canada, so jobs are being created at a time in which economies are delicate at best.

So, if your yoga palette craves a unique flavour, check out Maha Devi Design. Your style sense will thank you.


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