Maintaining Your Immune System Over the Holidays

With the holidays comes holiday parties and with parties comes lots of touching, snuggling, hugging and other activities that can put your immune system to the test. And, if like me, you have a disease that seriously hinders your immune system’s ability to fend off illnesses, then you’re willing to do anything to keep sickness at bay. I’ve learned that an ever-present bottle of hand sanitizer never hurts but as it turns out, there is a somewhat easier way; all I need is my yoga mat.

It’s no secret that yoga has the power to boost our immune systems but it did get me to wondering how. As it turns out, there are several benefits to yoga which serves to keep you healthy.

1. Oxygenating your blood

The poses and moves involved in yoga get blood pumping through your system. Coordinated with the deep breathing in yoga and meditation practices, blood is oxygenated and your immune system is rejuvenated.

2. Reducing stress

We all know that high stress levels contribute to lowered immune systems and the holiday season is even more prone to upping the stress ante. And of course, we all know that yoga can reduce stress, and so the answer is obvious: Yoga = Less Stress therefore Less Stress = Better Health.

3. Keeping those lymph nodes moving

The act of yoga keeps your lymph nodes moving, which helps filter disease out of your body. So simply getting your body moving will keep illnesses en route and away from you.

So, I encourage everyone to maintain their yoga practices over the holidays to make sure that the season remains a healthy one. Your family and your body will thank you.


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