Manipura: Transform by Embracing your inner power

self-transformationManipura: Strengthening the Third Chakra

Fire, Power, Autonomy, Energy: These are all words that describe the third chakra.  When open, the third chakra is magnificent.  It builds our self-esteem, shows us our strength and generates energy for change.

According to the Wheels of Life, the purpose of the third chakra is transformation.   “it is the fire that propels that movement.”  Manipura  helps move us from our fixed patterns into life into new, powerful ones.  Ones that will help us achieve our goals and reach the higher chakra levels.

It sounds absolutely wonderful.  However; it is easy to get stuck in this third chakra.   As much as we may want to change our negative patterns, it is hard to do so.  Change is frightening: to make a change is a huge risk because there is a possibility for failure.

How many times do we end up doing the same old pattern?   Patterns are instinctive actions, and it takes a lot of effort to break these old goals.   Manipura emphasizes the importance of taking power and control in your own life.

Signs that you are stuck in the third chakra:

  • Excess weight: could be a sign that your body is not metabolizing food properly
  • Are you able to regulate your temperature? Or are you frequently hot or cold?
  • Are you quick and energetic? This could be a sign of an excess of the third chakra
  • Are you slow and lethargic? This could be a sign of a deficiency
  • Do you feel insecure?
  • Are you afraid of the future?

So why is it so important to invest time on the third chakra? Well, the third chakra is the one part of our energy field that embraces  our internal power.  I love working on the third chakra.  It is that piece of the puzzle that really emphasizes that each and everyone of us has our unique strengths and power.  When I work on this chakra, it reminds me how important it is to believe in myself.

I find this particularly important because I believe in being a strong role model for my children.  I want my children to see their own strengths, beauty and power.  I truly believe that when I show my children that I believe in myself that they will learn how important it is to believe in themselves as well.  I  love infusing my own personal fire, energizing my life and creating goals and just going for it. Sometimes, I fail.  But I have to remember that the critical part is that I tried, and failure is just another opportunity to try again.

When I get really stuck (and it happens more often than I would like to admit), I work on this chakra with this series of asanas.  I prefer to do this practice in either a flow or ashatanga practice: embracing the energy of the asanas.

1)   Sun Salutation A

2)   Lord of the Dance Pose

3) Warrior Series I, II, III

4)   Plank pose

5)   Bow Pose

6)   Upward Plank Pose

7)    Savasana

Additional tips to enhancing Manipura:

  • Write out a list of your top ten qualities
  • Post your goals
  • Connect with others in your home: Have fun
  • Try something new
  • Laugh

This week, take the time to discover your own personal power.   Embrace it.   I look forward to hearing about your journey.


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