Meditation classes

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have the easiest time meditating. It’s often a struggle for me as calming my mind might be my greatest life challenge. I’ve always been a pretty wired and stressed individual, which is why I’ve been practicing yoga since I was thirteen years old. I very much need the calming influence in my life.

So I’ve been looking into other ways to deepen my meditation practice and came across the Vancouver Sri Chinmoy Centre. Established in the 1970s, the centre offers meditation classes and information on the practice. Now, yoga classes have always seemed practical to me, but classes on meditation? It simply wasn’t something I had considered. But what makes the Centre so fantastic is that they offer free classes to the community. When was the last time you can remember getting anything for free? In fact, they also offer entire weekend workshops at no cost, simply to get out the word of the benefits of this type of practice.

The Centre was created by Sri Chinmoy, who was orphaned at a young age and so, he grew up in an ashram where he honed his meditation skills. Chinmoy  moved from from India to New York in the 1960s and developed a large following of people who searched for enlightenment through his meditation techniques and today, there are centres all over the world.

The site also provides several great resources for the meditation expert or novice alike. There are some excellent articles on proper posture and breathing when practicing, as well as various links on meditation and other Sri Chinmoy resources. You can access dozens of books on meditation as well as a link to music to listen to while you practice.

Although I never thought I’d be one to sign up for meditation classes, I soon realized that every yoga session is not only about the act of bending and stretching, but rather, every time I roll out my mat, I get a lesson in proper breathing techniques that further deepens my ability to come to a calm and relaxed state. So already, I’m improving my meditation practice every time. But classes dedication specifically to meditation can’t hurt, so the next time there’s a free weekend workshop. I’ll be the first person signing up.


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