Meditative Reflections

A Stream of Consciousness on the Teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn

meditation-sukhasana As you meditate today, you may wish to see yourself as a mountain, a tree, still water, and infinite space.

Mountains stand tall, solid and virtually immovable.

Trees send their roots deep in the earth to take in the water and nourishment it provides.

Still water reflects things as they actually are; not as ripples distort them.

Infinite space is utterly free, extending and expanding in all directions.

Remember that death is an illusion: nothing actually dies; it only transmogrifies itself into another state of being. That’s why, when I reach the end of my lifespan, I’d prefer not to be buried in a titanium (or other impermeable) coffin that allows nothing of me to enter the soil. Instead, I’d prefer to be placed in the earth in such a way as to provide nourishment for other forms of life. (Of course, since I won’t be conscious of what’s happening, I want the people left behind to do whatever makes them feel comforted and which assuages any grief they may feel.)

Is a wave conscious of itself as a being separate and distinct from the rest of the ocean? Does the ocean perceive its waves as things independent of itself? When we, as independent conscious entities, comprehend out connectedness to everything else in the universe, we begin to get an undistorted glimpse of reality. Fear, anxiety and anger can all be largely quelled by such a perception. Those in search of the meaning of their own consciousness may discover that the meaning is that which one chooses to ascribe to it. Those seeking its purpose may come to see that it is largely to awaken from our sleepwalking state of separateness.

Breathe in and breathe out. Look, listen and feel. There is joy to be found in simply being conscious, in being aware; in being alive. There’s no need to travel to a foreign country or an exotic locale to be fulfilled. The blue sky, the shining sun, and the good earth are there for you wherever you happen to be.

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  1. And flowing water changes mountains, slowly turning solid rock into dust and reshaping the world without purposeful effort.
    Great post. I especially like your point about “no need to travel to an exotic locale”. If you can’t find inner peace where you are, you should be exploring that, not seeking an external source of peace.

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