Mindful Consumption for Wellness

fruitOur patterns of consumption are strong determinants of our mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Cutting-edge doctors like Dr. Russell Blaylock in the United States, Dr. Christian Turbide in Canada, and many others worldwide are now telling us that many of the chronic diseases we suffer from in the developed world are largely the result of inflammation, which in turn results primarily from our diets.

The inflammation response is the body’s means of eliminating toxins. When it works properly, it switches itself on in the presence of a toxin or pathogen, then switches back off once the invader has been neutralized. But if we habitually imbibe poisons in what we eat, drink, and inhale, the process may become chronic. Rather than having inflammation arise, deal with a problem, and fall away naturally, we may find ourselves in the unhealthy state of persistent, ongoing inflammation. A whole host of serious diseases may arise from this condition, including inflammatory bowel syndrome, arthritis, and even cancer.

The best way to prevent and fight inflammation is to modify our diets. We need to replace processed and fast foods as much as possible with natural, whole foods. Foods made in factories are often devoid of any nutritional value: the processing they go through robs them of their natural nutritive qualities. The recent explosion in anxiety and depression is thought to be at least partially caused by chronic inflammation, poor diet, and lack of exercise.

Of course, mindful consumption includes not only our diets, but all that we choose to give our attention to. Contentious and unfruitful conversations may contain considerable psychic toxins; so may some of the entertainments we choose. It’s a good idea to be aware of everything we take in, whether physically or mentally. All have an impact on our overall wellness.

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