Mindfulness of Mission


Remember when mission statements were all the rage? Once the exclusive property of wonky think tanks, they suddenly adorned the wall of every yoga studio, every medical practice–even every car dealership.

A mission statement is just a clear, brief declaration of the purpose and meaning of your life. I actually think having one is a good idea for any self-aware being. It gives you an ongoing point of reference; every now and then, you can call your mission to mind and check it against your current actions and attitude. Are they contributing to its realization? If not, you have an opportunity to make a course correction.

Here’s my personal mission statement, one which has received enthusiastic sanction from multiple leading authorities in my world!

 To bring beauty, enlightenment and transcendence into the world through words and music, and to care deeply for the human and other sentient beings in my world.

This is one that’s working for me!

What’s most important to you? What brings you the most pleasure, and what do you do well? These are the questions you must ask yourself in creating your own mission statement. Then you’ll always have a barometer to check in those moments when forgetfulness comes over you and you’re unsure of what you’re doing.

Happy writing!

Image from iwillrocknow.com

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