What muscles is your yoga pose stretching?

A friend of mind posted this image recently on Facebook. (Apologies, I don’t know the original source but will site it here when I find out.)

This is a great illustration of the muscles that you are using when performing a particular pose. One of my mentors always describes poses in terms of the target area – where on your body it is meant to stretch. I like this because the emphasis is not on what the pose looks like but where you should feel it. This allows you to adjust the pose and make it work for you!


2 responses to “What muscles is your yoga pose stretching?”

  1. Good post and great illustrations, it’s so important to know which muscles are stretching for each pose so you really feel the correct muscle working, and if it’s not working you know you’re doing the pose incorrectly. Many thanks for sharing

  2. Great post! I really like these illustrations – sometimes it’s difficult to imagine where muscles ACTUALLY are or what they look like. The one with the psoas is especially useful as many people struggle to know whether they are getting a stretch in the right area.

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